2023 Summer Solstice: Feeling Alive!

Zoom Meet Up…Connection Beyond Appearances

Here we are at the 2023 Summer Solstice living in a transitory landscape that forces us to align with Soul, Earth, and Heaven in fresh unexpected ways! If every turn takes you to a dead end, it’s time to find the path of core vibrance and luminance. Beyond the world’s chaos, a true self steadily supports us. During cosmic events….which include earth, not just the heavens we look up to see…the veils thin so we experience harmonic wholeness once again.

Meeting in the Sacred Circle is a holy experience. As each participant’s etheric body takes its place in the circle, powerful galactic frequencies gather us in the Heart of the Mother, charging us with higher consciousness, love, wisdom, power, and balance. In collaboration with benevolent light beings, we resonate and radiate harmony throughout all dimensions. Lifted beyond the material into the ethereal, eternal knowing infuses our mind and body which connects us to the unity matrix. It is here that the Heart of the Father and the Heart of the Mother commune to give birth to the fresh new cycle of life.

Summer Solstice Meditation: Feeling Alive!
June 21, 2023   7:30 – 9:30 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Maximum Attendance is 100 so register early!

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