You are in for a surprise when you discover your New Earth voice!
Open to receive blessings from the Great Mother!
Activate your subtle senses to make the invisible visible!
Connecting to the flow of Mother Earth and Father Sky the foundation of life!
Ground, Heal, and Expand with Free Meditations.

Welcome to
The SpiritHeal Institute

Let’s Share Healing, Wisdom, and Light Together!

With Sarah Weiss

Hearing truth helps us feel safe.

Speaking truth fortifies our strength and courage.

Vibrating truth changes the world.

Let’s meet in the multi-dimensional space where truth and awareness reside and support the ascension and sovereignty of all beings. Our collective consciousness tells us we are all One, now is the time to embody the wisdom of our soul in our daily lives. It is time for our higher being to become our everyday being.

The mission of The Spiritheal Institute is to provide a sacred atmosphere where dignity, mastery
and inner wisdom is nurtured and expressed for the benefit of humanity and the planet.

From a student…
As authenticity deepens, feeling ‘real’ seems more of a human experience than spiritual. Before I would have experienced these moments as ‘spiritual’, fleeting and outside of myself. Now these experiences seem deeply human as judgement releases and compassion for all grows out of unity with my higher being. Much gratitude for this unity of all.