2024 Costa Rica Retreat: A Blessing from the Great Mother: Animating and Integrating Your 5D Body, Heart, and Soul!

A Blessing from Mother Earth to You: Animating and Integrating Your 5D Body, Heart, and Soul!

A 5-day, 6-night sacred retreat in the heart of Costa Rica led by Sarah Weiss

October 27 – November 2, 2024

 Align with the Forces of Creation, and You will become a Creative Force!

Seekers of wisdom, health, and clarity: Join me on this immersive 5-day/6-night retreat on a Costa Rica mountaintop.  Journey deep into the scintillating, expansive 5-D energies, far from the limiting 3-D energies of our fading reality. Our spirit family awaits your arrival at Verdesana to help you land deeply grounded and embodied in your 5D consciousness.

Retreats provide a unique growth experience that is both communal and personal. The power of collective ceremony is immeasurable when guided by the ancient ones who will preside over this retreat. The positive impact will resonate in multiple realms while nourishing each individual with personalized blessings and guidance.

We can no longer fit in the current model of humanity; it’s too confining and controlling. You know you are ready to emerge as your true being when your soul says: I’ve had enough, I’m ready to create a life based on my heart’s vision. It must be a life based on collective light, love, and all dimensions of my being! Are you open to receiving the transmissions that activate a joyous life?

Learn to Live as a Modern Day Indigenous Soul

Connect with the earth’s rhythms and your inner self in a serene environment.

Through immersion in the ancient ones, you will learn to:

  • Live as a vibrational being aligned with the New Earth for a week and then for a lifetime.
  • Immerse yourself in the gift of Mother Earth’s sparkling blessings and Father Sun’s light!
  • Become a conscious creator and live as a modern-day indigenous soul.
  • Allow the infinite and refreshing flow of life-giving divinity to revitalize and heal.
  • Experience communion and vibrational communication with the world of spirit and nature.
  • Activate your expanded sense perception to reveal a grander and more meaningful multi-dimensional life.
  • Align with the sacred within and become a walking, talking holy site.
  • Bring light and healing to the world with your luminous presence.
  • Count on Love to be your core strength and guide.
  • Find Empowerment in cosmic communion, not isolation and separation.
  • Realize that as a highly refined, sensitive person, you are not the problem but the solution.

It’s Time to follow the Thread from the Mundane to the Miraculous.

The dismembering of your 3D identity has been long and exhausting. It’s taken many years and lifetimes to extinguish the last pulse of the current low-frequency cycle. You can finally hear the whispers, experience the luminosity, and recognize the higher frequency wisdom and love vibrating your new identity into existence. You are aware of and participating in the birth of your 5D being. This makes you a CREATOR! Pause and feel the power of this statement.

By choosing to live during the transition from one age to the next, you discover that you are the Creator and the Created. In the 5D world, we create a new identity, body, and being by aligning with the entirely new frequency radiating throughout the planetary spheres. Frequency determines your thoughts, feelings, physical configuration, and spiritual awareness. We’ve come from a rigid, compressed material age focused on creating objects to one that creates lighter, more obviously spirit-infused experiences. With the denseness of the earth released, vast realms of multidimensional life are revealed. All that we intuitively sensed but could not prove or put words to is now becoming a reality. This is a joyous time for those attuned to the shift. And yet, there is still a transition to live through.  We are not shutting out the past; we are creating pathways to higher consciousness, providing doorways for others to walk through. We are creating ethereal portals to the beyond, or you could say you are becoming a living portal to 5D.

18 Sacred Circles, Vibrant Food, Restful Surroundings, and the Vital Sacred Land of Costa Rica Are Calling You

The ancient ones are sending out the signal to gather for this retreat. Check your heart; do you hear the call?

The ancient ones will create a transformational experience for those gathered. The retreat will be structured around 18 Sacred Circle Ceremonies, some of which may last 5 minutes and some 90 minutes.  Each circle will build on the next, attuning you to the refined realms of the New Earth and 5D consciousness.  The Sacred Circle is the primary modality of all SpiritHeal classes and retreats. Gathering in a sacred circle with fellow spiritual seekers magnifies the potential for both planetary and self-realization. Participation in The Sacred Circle ceremonies calls forth your greatest wisdom and grounds your consciousness in the flow of Earth and Heaven.

The Sacred Circle is magical because each participant receives personal clearing, inspiration, healing, and expansion while harmonizing with the greater cosmic light and wisdom. It is a pure multi-dimensional experience of balance, revelation, and expanded awareness. As you become more refined throughout the progression of the ceremonies, the unseen will be seen, and the unknown will be known. You’ll notice the living beings and intelligence in your surroundings, causing you to drop to your knees in awe. You will finally feel at home in the Heart of the Great Mother.

Between the sacred circle ceremonies, there will be guided meditations and many restful times when sleeping, walking in the forest, talking to the trees, birds, animals, and nature spirits, and listening to your heart in the silence of spirit will happen. We will be nourished by unbelievably beautiful vegetarian meals with organic food sourced locally and infused with the blessings of a dedicated Verdesana staff attuned to quietly and unobtrusively providing support. Verdesana has been cared for by those attuned to the regeneration of nature and deeply committed to fostering a loving relationship between humanity and Mother Earth.  Infused with this intention, Verdesana, as an ancient one, becomes an active participant in the retreat.

Participating in the Sacred Circle Ceremonies teaches you to receive blessings, be a blessing, and know you are blessed.

Why 18?  The number 18 is the frequency of this retreat. There will be 18 participants and 18 ceremonies (perhaps one dedicated to each participant?!)The Hebrew word chai means “LIFE,” and its gematria (sacred numerology) is 18, so multiples of 18 are considered fortuitous. Chanted as a mantra, chai generates the spark of life that pervades all existence. The retreat experience will bring  you to life, animate your expanded intuitive senses, and guide you home. Life is meeting you where you are at now, you don’t have to pretend, hide, or strive any longer.

Experience Wholeness. The retreat focus is on direct, energetic vibrational experience. Participants are transformed by transmission and attunement.  A sacred circle is activated and grounded in the love of Mother Earth and Father Sun, where your higher being, light, and love convene with others to generate a field beyond judgment and polarity. It is your right to receive the life-giving energies and allow them to release old loops of trauma, awaken inner knowing, and be blessed by the mysteries of love until you become the living embodiment of powerful, life-changing Light.

Mother Earth chose Verdesana as the retreat site.

For months, I searched the planet and listened for the call. When Imiloa’s Verdesana retreat found me, I spent four months attuning and aligning with the land. I heard the drums, saw my brothers and sisters, and experienced the huge difference in their vibration and mine. It was not easy; I had to release a lot of old 3D conditioning that was clouding my vision. Then, one day, the clouds parted, and I knew with a deep peace that this was where the retreat was to be held. The retreat marks the time when I stop hiding from the world and become the full 5D being I have been since birth. I hope this retreat is the midwife for the birth of your New Earth consciousness since you’ve been gestating it your entire life.

Throughout my life, I’ve had visions of being welcomed and held deeply and joyously by indigenous spirits and star beings I call the Earth Spirit Collective. They and Mother Earth have been my constant companions and guides. Upon arrival in physical form, I knew they were always with me and just a slight shift of attention away.


As a newborn, I saw them clearly, in their light form, and we have been in clear telepathic communication since then. While living the life of a mother, grandmother, wife, artist, medical intuitive and spiritual teacher, I must admit I have a secret life. In my secret life, I am an initiate of this Earth Spirit Light Collective and participate in their ceremonies during my quiet time. The Sacred Circle Ceremonies I hold are theirs, not mine.

We have arrived at a very special time. They have invited me to assemble a group at Verdesana to receive their blessings. Yes, the sole purpose of the gathering is to receive blessings! They know that the power of their blessing, of sharing their light and love with those called to attend, will generate powerful transformation and medicine for humanity. They are inviting us into the light streams that connect Earth and Star beings in the act of miraculous creation.


The ancient ones are openly accessible at Verdesana. My job as retreat leader is to help you ground and relax so you can connect to their high-frequency energy. Nestled on a sacred forested mountain with abundant, joyous nature spirits gracing the land, Verdesana is a secluded and quiet venue, with living streams, animals, birds, flowers, and trees nurturing and caring for us. The entire property is reserved for the SpiritHeal group.

Only when star and stone are held together in one hand is the mind truly at one with the beginning and the end of the Tai Atea [Cosmos].
Only then do we know the oneness of the Universe and walk the deep trails of wisdom where everything is possible.
For the Mind Song is without end; it joins with the ancestors to know the completeness of the circle of the dream.”
(from The Missing Lands by Freddy Silva)



RETREAT IS FULL.  If you’d like to be on a waitlist email me at sarah@spiritheaonline.com . Click on this link to see the full description and photos of the cabins. As you read this, Imiloa is updating and making the appointments more luxurious. They acquired the property at the beginning of the year and have been working to update everything.  There is a maximum of 18 participants in this retreat, so register early!

Accommodations – Verdesana

Travel Insurance is required. See “Travel Insurance” in FAQ’s.


As an empathic person who has struggled with overstimulation and the emotional shutdown related to that experience, Sarah Weiss and the SpiritHeal Institute’s Sacred Circle classes, private healing sessions, and retreats have taught me how to be fully in my body and reach my life’s purpose, while also accepting my uniqueness and celebrating it. I recommend joining this retreat if you are looking for a feminine mystery approach to healing and well-being.  –SM

If, for some reason, you stumble across a website called “ spirithealonline.com,” just relax.  You have arrived at a growth experience, which may not be what you expect, but it will be “truth.” –RC

We chose to be here at the most important time on earth!!
We need all the help we can get amongst the chaos!
Sarah and all the guides help us remember the great beings of light we are and give us the tools to support Mother Earth and all beings on Earth.
The teachings are from the feminine and allow us calm yet powerful Vibrational communication with our bodies and soul!”  — ML

Today, I find myself contemplating the duality of isolation and solitude. As I continue my daily practice of grounding, I feel a longing to stay here and never leave. Grounding into Mother Earth and activating my toroidal field is the only place that makes sense to me right now.

For a long time, I have framed my empathic nature inside the context of “having to withdraw from the world in order to feel safe,” leaving me with the low frequency, disempowered feeling of isolation. I realize now this is an old paradigm perspective. In the frequency of the new paradigm, I am empowered to seek out the splendid solitude that exists within my cultivated energy body and field, as I find refuge and recharge myself within the warmth and loving tenderness of Mother Earth. —Elena


What is Included?

5 day, 6 night Transformational Retreat led by Sarah Weiss
Group Guided Meditations and Ceremonies and Individual Guidance from Sarah
Time for personal reflection, rest, communing with nature, rest, sharing with others, rest, and peace.
Pre-Retreat Preparation Meeting
Post Retreat Integration Meeting
Opportunity to schedule a massage (optional)
Transportation to and from San Jose Airport
 Beautiful individual or shared spacious cabins with fully updated amenities, comfy beds, bathrooms stocked with natural care products, and decks with inspiring views.
Gourmet organic vegetarian meals and snacks, sourced locally and curated for total protein and nutrient support.
 Coffee and smoothie bar.

Verdesana Photos and Videos

Verdesana by Imiloa Institute

Verdesana Instagram Photos and Videos

Immerse yourself in a dream realized at 6000 feet, where the majestic mountains and enchanting rivers of the cloud forest unite. This unique retreat, nestled in Palo Verde, El Guarco de Cartago, is a mere 75-minute drive from SJO airport, with luxury SUVs and drivers awaiting to transport you to a world of magic.

At the heart of this 100-acre paradise, a visionary’s dream has flourished into reality. Over fifty years ago, amidst skepticism, tens of thousands of pine and cedar trees were lovingly planted. These trees have matured into a lush, regenerated forest, from which the wood for our world-class resort was sourced. This commitment to nature and legacy has created an atmosphere so warm and inviting, it feels like coming home.

Our resort boasts 16 exquisite rooms and cabins, each offering a unique and intimate experience with nature. Most guests enjoy the luxury of a private room, where the essence of the cloud forest meets mountain tranquility, cradled by the nurturing flow of the river.

Explore our diverse gardens, private river access with charming bridges, and cozy bonfire spots. Marvel at over 20 species of hummingbirds and an array of wildlife including coatis, agoutis, deers, wild pigs, and kinkajous.

Beyond the comfort of the resort, adventure beckons with miles of hiking paths. This is more than a stay; it’s an encounter with the heart of Mother Earth, offering a retreat into nature’s embrace like no other.

Gourmet Plant Based Cuisine

Gourmet Plant Based Cuisine

At Imiloa, we take pride in being a conscious comfort food campus. That means we serve healthy, locally-sourced, gourmet vegan meals that are as artistically plated, scientifically nourishing and delightfully crafted for all of our retreat guests.


Travel Information

Travel in and out of San Jose, Costa Rica Airport

Arrange your flight to arrive by 2 pm on October 27  and after 1 pm on November 2, 2024. Verdesana will provide a list of hotels if you want to arrive earlier and stay later. You will travel in luxury SUV’s or vans from the airport to Verdesana. It is about a 75 – 90 minute drive.

Please share your flight information via email at sarah@spirithealonline.com as soon as your reservations are confirmed.

Travel Insurance

Verdesana strongly recommends travel insurance to protect your investment in the retreat. Here is the link to the insurance provider they recommend: Global Rescue

Sarah Weiss and SpiritHeal Institute

SpiritHeal Institute is a living portal to ascension. For over thirty years, the SpiritHeal teachings have opened the space for embodied spirituality, living energetically, making the invisible visible, and bringing through the feminine mystical teachings hidden for millennia.  Continue Reading About SpiritHeal Institute Here

Sarah Weiss

I am a daughter of Mother Earth and a teacher of feminine spiritual mysteries. Every breath arises from The Heart of the Mother, and I breathe her love into life.  She is the mother of all creation and leads us, with her partner, Father Sun, to wholeness. Returning to her embrace, we discover our spirit family that ranges from earth to the stars and never feel abandoned again. She taught me this in my 72 years as a child, mother, grandmother, and lover.  Continue Reading About Sarah Here








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