Telepathic Session: Connecting to the Sacred Sphere of Healing and Grace

Fee: Donation

Sarah’s Telepathic Healing Portal is a delightful, beautiful, wonderful, incredible support system. I have been going through so much transformation that to have this vibrational frequency support for my nervous system is nothing short of a Godsend. I find that it is helping the changes swirling into place to feel smoother and more empowered. Gratitude!!! –CC

If you prefer to make an appointment without meeting with me, you can. Read on, I’ll explain how we meet telepathically to bring through the energy, insight, healing, and clarity you need to move forward with any situation.

We are living in 5D, the shift has happened, and we are catching up. Telepathic communication is happening all the time. Between you and your family, friends, and the world, a continuous wave of energetic information is streaming through your body, mind, and emotions, affecting you deeply. It’s time to take the SpiritHeal sessions to a higher frequency. We can more clearly access beautiful and profound guidance through the ethers when our higher beings meet in sacred space! When meeting in the realms of pure consciousness wisdom flows more easily than mental chatter, and light flows more freely than heavy emotions.

As a healer, spiritual guide, and feminine mystic in practice for over 40 years, I’ve seen miracles happen when a client signs up for an appointment. They make the appointment, and the energy, insight, healing, and grace they need are transmitted/downloaded almost magically. The magic occurs when our higher beings meet in a sacred space to access universal wisdom and love.

I felt a shower of bright, white light the moment I paid for the session with you.  It felt like a process was initiated and something began clearing and opening. About two days later, I again felt a beam of white light. This time it was not as bright, but it was powerful.  Lastly, Saturday morning, I could feel a download come in through a ray of sun which was shining through my window. I was able to be still and sit with this for a bit. This was the most powerful of the three experiences.–CR

Once you register, relax and let go. Some will feel the session when it takes place, in real-time. You will be surrounded in a loving light, feel the clearing of blockages, and experience the download of higher frequency light and wisdom. The session may also occur when you are in the shower, driving, having tea with a friend, or in meditation. Remember, we are meeting outside of time and space. You will realize you received what you needed, and you can move forward.  Of course, what we think we need and what we truly need can be debated between our soul and mind forever, but in some form, such as a dream, vision, experience, or resolution, you will receive the blessing you seek.

Click on the link below and fill out the form.  There is no fee for this session, but a donation ensures that balance and reciprocity are maintained. Once you register and make a donation, the session begins. I will receive a notification and set the process in motion. Check-in with yourself over the next few days and give yourself permission to think or feel something new. Are you reacting differently, do you perceive your issue from a new perspective, as a person, book, or new opportunity entered your life? Is the issue no longer an issue(?)! Are you willing to do something you were not willing to do before the session? The goal is to transform your life and relationship to spirit; to create openings and a deeper sense of freedom, self-respect, well-being, and peace. These are the hallmarks of spiritual grace, please enjoy.

If you prefer to have a meeting with me, of course, set it up. I meet with clients by phone and the sessions are deep and transformative. The Telepathic Session is for those who want a a boost from on high!  It will help them take the next steps or receive the answer they need. Even when you are not 100% clear on how to proceed, the best advice is this: make one move, do something, anything to open to flow!