Align with the forces of creation, and you become a creative force!

I am a daughter of Mother Earth and a teacher of feminine spiritual mysteries. Every breath arises from The Heart of the Mother, and I breathe her love into life.  She is the mother of all creation who leads us with her partner, Father Sun, to wholeness. When we return to her embrace, we discover our spirit family that ranges from earth to the stars and never feel abandoned again. This is what she has taught me in my 72 years as a child, mother, grandmother, and lover.

Mystics do not have answers; they have experiences.

My passion and spiritual directive are to enliven, inspire, and empower those who desire to be whole. When we heal the split between body and spirit we are able to carry the deepest spiritual transmission, which is to radiate joy, balance, and strength daily. I have been gifted, through spiritual transmission, with the ability to activate awareness of the loving universe, subtle energy perception, and healing and empowerment.  As a committed student for over 50 years in the Sufi, Andean, and Taoist traditions, I am entrusted with transmitting the universal teachings of love, harmony, and beauty.  I continue to honor and welcome the living teachings of the ancient ones and hope to open doors to a wondrous multi-dimensional human experience.

With Sarah, there is no gap between the teacher and the teaching, the healer,
and healing.
She fully embodies the highest spiritual frequencies she
shares with
all who attend her classes, private sessions, and retreats. —Scott F

A Mystic Since Birth

You’ll hear more about my daily mystical experiences when we journey together. I remember the light that carried me from the ethereal realms to earth. In my crib, I played with the light beings only I could see. They were my constant companions, and I lived in the ecstasy of our joyful union. In one dimension-shifting moment, life changed, and it’s been a wild ride ever since. About 6 months into life as a human, my focus shifted. Obscuring the light, a shadow appeared and took shape: my mother was leaning over the crib to lift me up. Once my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I landed on earth.  While others may have forgotten their light origins, I have not. My light friends are still with me, and I have fought to keep them around. Through near-death experiences, physical and emotional trauma, and life-altering transcendent experiences, I remain faithful to all relations here and beyond. The Heart of the Mother appears to me in moments when we can receive purification and healing and when majesty, love, and power enlighten the world.

Additional Defining Moments

1 near-death experience, 2 shared-death experiences, daily contact with interdimensional light beings, and meetings with powerful mystics and places define my life. Each day I share sacred space with clients and am transformed by and in awe of the universal wisdom that shapes our lives.

Hidden behind the cloak of a Jewish grandmother lives a truly authentic mystic
whose purpose
is to be a chalice for holy love and healing. —Tracy P.


Medical Intuitive, Healer, Transformational Guide

For those interested in a transformational healing experience, I offer individual sessions that include medical intuitive counseling, New Earth ascension, NDEs, past life regression, soul retrieval, spiritual guidance, connecting to your light and higher frequency dimensions, and healing, coaching, and mentoring.  I also collaborate with physicians and mental health professionals to support their clients with medical intuitive information and healing. I willingly bridge the academic and the intuitive, the traditional and the non-traditional, the spiritual and the secular when the mysteries of illness call for inner growth and awareness. There is a healing spirit dwelling within we can call forth with a little help.

Classes and Retreats: Welcome to the Sacred Circle

Every class is a Sacred Ceremony, and the Sacred Circle is the container.  This is where we receive teachings, grace, and the power to have our higher being become our every-day being so we can live the life seeded in our souls. Whether virtual or in-person, the Sacred Circle is activated when we relax, ground, and align with the power and vitality streaming through Mother Earth to all creation. She bathes us in her love, helping us remember our true nature and filling us with the wisdom of wholeness. She draws us into her life experience so we know life’s creative forces as our own.

Our Soul does not live in us, we live in our Soul.

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Finally, I wish to honor the beloved masters of this lifetime who showed patience, love, and great wisdom, as they guided this unruly wild child of the sixties into a mature spiritual lineage holder. They are the inspirational masters Sufi Sherdil Amin, (Sufi) Master Tianyou Hao, (Taoist), and Juan Nunez del Prado, (Andean) and The Heart of the Mother (forever and beyond), Thank you.

Sarah Weiss Credentials

Founder of SpiritHeal Institute and The Inner Light Ministry
Leader of Healing Activities for The Fraternity of Light
Healing Leader and for The Sufi Order
Farmer in the Ziraat Tradition
Master Teacher, The Qigong Tradition of Master Tianyou Hao
Teacher of the Andean Lineage as trained by Juan Nunez del Prado and Elizabeth Jenkins
Certified Life Coach
Certified Empath Coach
Feature Writer for The Sedona Journal of Emergence

MA in Communication
BA in Art and Psychology
Certified Licensed Massage Therapist
Certified Polarity Therapist
Founder of SpiritHeal Institute

Teaching and Presenter:
Assistant Professor Baldwin Wallace University
Case-Western Reserve University
Kent State University
The College of Wooster
Oberlin College

Executive Director, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
Director of Communications, Bellfaire JCB
Owner and Director of Helios Productions