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Come Back to Yourself to Be Yourself

September 5, 2023

Disruption and distraction are the big challenges now. Disruption and distraction dissolve our sense of self, causing us to forget our divine inheritance and purpose. One of the first lessons on the spiritual path is “spiritual concentration.” Not a concentrated effort like you would assume; this concentration is effortless, gentle focus. It’s more like relaxing back into yourself, returning to your wholeness and sense of well-being….the concentration of your attention inwardly to find and reconnect with yourself. The distractions and disruptions fade to the background and you are you again.

Take this very moment to pause and come back to yourself. Don’t rush; slow down, and enjoy the moment, even for only one minute. Feel your feet on the ground, and say “Hi” to Mother Earth, Father Sun, and the life surrounding you. Sense yourself within, seated in your fullness, which includes your body and energy field. Be there until your body and energy field merge into one concentrated centered consciousness, where you return to self once again. This is spiritual concentration.

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