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Developing Your Light Muscle

February 19, 2024

When you get lost and confused, and you don’t recognize yourself, pull the light back to the surface because you know it’s there, just a bit out of reach. We’re all releasing heavy-duty anger, restriction, and control during this process. The light is so strong now, stronger than it’s ever been in the last 10,000 years of life on our beautiful Mother Earth. She’s always there for us, continually radiating the living frequencies that support our body and soul. It takes intentionally shifting your awareness from the old paradigm fear to the new paradigm freedom to live through the shift. We are being invited to become spiritually mature and trust in the inner strength that surges through us from Mother Earth’s heart to ours.

As one participant in the Healing from the Trauma of 3D Materialism class put it:

I feel the resistance as if some invisible rigid force holds me, but if I don’t refocus on the light, I’ll sink quickly into despair. I go to the spiritual gym every day, relaxing and releasing into the vital life force that exists beyond my mind, in my connection to Mother Earth, and do the reps that build my energetic muscles.

Everyone reading this has gone through many evolutions on their spiritual path. Maybe you’ve already developed your light muscles. Now is a great time to exercise them! It doesn’t mean you deny what you’re going through; that would be spiritual bypassing. But we also develop, through daily practice of our light muscle, the ability to include the greater perspective in our daily experience.

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