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Eclipse Transmission: A Message from the Great Mother

April 6, 2024

Welcome the Eclipse and Welcome Change

The April 8, 2024, total solar eclipse downloads the following message. With this transmission, we can transcend the heaviness of the materialistic world and live in the light of the New Earth.

No matter how dark it gets, our heart light shines eternally.

We are in the aura of the eclipse. Can you feel it? A deep calm ripples to the center of your soul from the center of the cosmos. It’s the stillness that opens portals to transformation. Rest in the arms of the stillness; your higher-frequency senses activate when not overshadowed by the physical senses.

The intense majesty of a total solar eclipse is equally spiritually majestic. When graced with a total solar eclipse, all sentient beings are invited to reset and upgrade. Most of us resist change, so we are wary, of course.

It’s time to reset the course, to allow all that is rigid, conditioned, habitual, and low-frequency to be freed to upgrade, to become more alive and more conscious. Big and little, hidden and obvious, all that we think we are is up for the reset.

When you allow the eclipse energies in, you can look forward to a more exciting, inspired, and meaningful life. It might be hard to imagine that your heart will support your change since your head has not been so helpful! I suggest a gentle approach to change; striving and criticizing are too harsh, ineffective, and so old paradigm.

Breathe into your sacred space of calm and connection with the Heart of the Mother. When the Great Mother Moon overshadows the Great Father Sun, it’s time to listen to the feminine and follow her guidance. Normally, they are in a dynamic balance, but the Great Mother reminds us of our light within during an eclipse, when the sun’s light goes dark. No matter how dark it is outside, our light shines bright inside. This is the message of Monday’s eclipse.

Starting today, allow your thoughts, feelings, and illnesses to reset and upgrade. Use the following prompt so often it becomes second nature:

How can I allow this thought, feeling, or illness to be refreshed, reset, and inspired by the light of my heart?

It’s a question that raises you above and beyond the limiting conditioned habits and beliefs ruling your life.

It’s a simple but powerful question. In a moment, it can change your entire being. Let the new realization flow through you until you experience an entirely fresh new thought, feeling, or release of the exhaustion of your heavy history. Then begin living as a new person, standing in your higher-frequency being, ready to receive the next inspiration and the next!

May blessings radiate throughout the planet today.

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