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Solar Flares Charging Our Consciousness

June 12, 2024

Father Sun flipped the switch! My entire body lit up as a golden orb. Glittering golden light illuminated me inside and out; the cosmic light consuming me!  I saw my organs, vessels, and tissues lit up in ethereal rivers of golden light swirling throughout my body and consciousness. I was lucid dreaming, fully aware but still sleeping, so I thought. Then I woke up, and I was still GLOWING! I sat up in bed and glowed for over an hour.

The next morning, I noticed a change. I had more freedom, and more of my true self was coming through. It was a melding of my higher being with my personality. Since then, I’ve been standing in a new place and space; more ease, less entanglement, more discerning and whole, more 5D.

The continuing coronal mass ejections (CMEs) support the shift. Even if you aren’t sleeping, feel exhausted or exhilarated, frightened of who losing your identity, you will let go into the new emergent you, it’s a given.

The dance of Mother Earth, Father Sun with the Cosmos is releasing the old paradigm and centering us in the New 5D Earth. In the past maybe we noticed the effect of the full moon or a solstice/equinox, but what’s happening now is on an enormous, profound scale. We are discovering our divinity. No longer is there a God out there; we are each God. Wholly and holy.

As we move through 2024 and the next several years we are in for a treat. We get to leave the old archetypes behind and discover new ones. Archetypes such as the victim, whore, trickster, priest, priestess, joker, King, Queen, etc, exist within a specific frequency. They do not define us forever. Once we know our divinity a new world opens to us and we can enjoy the wonder and awe of what will open next!

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