2023 Near and Shared Death Experiences, Contact, & Interdimensional Communication

Humans live such a limited life, but that is changing!

With the earth spinning itself into alignment with the galactic center, the shift from the Piscean to the Aquarian Age, and the beginning of another 26,000 processional year cycle, we are in the process of a dynamic expansion of consciousness.  A consciousness earthquake is happening, waking up to realms that have been hidden for an exceptionally long time. A new life is dawning, and new lives, new to us, are making themselves known. How do we make sense of meeting an interdimensional being, an angel, a light being, alien, or even another version of ourselves unless we break up with our old self?

It helps to assume that our current mind is configured or conditioned in a way that cannot fully comprehend what is happening and that the glimpses of understanding we do get only apply to the current moment, at best. Learning to live in fluctuating times is quite challenging, but we receive immense support from beings who genuinely care for us.

At this point in our expansion, we can accept and embrace the visions, intuitive knowing, telepathic communications, and the voices of non-human living consciousness as real and learn to resonate with them as energies. It can be helpful to project a familiar identity, such as an angel or alien if we realize we are doing it to help make the experience less scary. Once we can learn to relate on a vibrational level and increase our vibrational vocabulary, the expansion becomes more comfortable, healing, and even exciting!

How wonderful to learn you already have a circle of “friends” or “dimensions of being” who share your reality. When you have a near or shared-death experience, you are initiated into the mystical realms where meeting your divine self can happen. When you communicate telepathically, you understand the boundless realms of Oneness. And when you are seated in the eternal now, you know a peace beyond all understanding.

A lifetime spent communicating with those from beyond, 71 1/2 years at this point, has prepared me to be a mentor and guide for these times. Please check out the following opportunities.

CLASS: Near and Shared Death Experiences: Your New Life After Near Death

INDIVIDUAL APPOINTMENT: Grounding and Understanding NDE’s, Contact Experiences, and Visitations from the Light Realms