2023 Special Topic: Near Death Experiencers…Your New Life After Near Death

A 1-Day Zoom Workshop

Reconnect to the wisdom and light of your near-death experience.

Heal and integrate the reality shattering experience of life after life.

Love is all there is…..why don’t others know this?

Death is not the end, nor is birth the beginning, but how do you create a new life based on the continuity of consciousness?

Experience the light and love of your near-death experience while awake, completely embodied!

This class spiritually explores your life-changing near-death or shared death experience. It is experiential, with meditations and energy transmissions that allow you to integrate the wisdom and light of your near-death experience.

You don’t have to convince me you’ve encountered death, nor does your experience have to fit a scientific explanation. Your body died, and in a moment, you were brought face-to-face with the world beyond and lived to tell of it. I’ve lived a mystic’s life, learning from earthly teachers and those beyond, exploring the mystical realms to make sense of what I know to be true: we are multi-dimensional beings who live in the heart of Oneness. Having a near or shared death experience initiates you into the mystical realms, sending you on a journey toward the light, while living on Earth.  About Sarah Weiss

What are Near-Death (NDE) and Shared-Death Experiences (SDE)?

According to current research NDE’s and SDE’s are still a mystery. But so many people have them; it is a topic that can no longer be ignored. As of 2011, over 9 million people reported having an NDE. Now, 12 years later, how many more have been reported?

Near-Death Experiences are intensely vivid and often life-transforming experiences, many of which occur under extreme physiological conditions such as trauma, ceasing of brain activity, deep general anesthesia or cardiac arrest in which no awareness or sensory experiences of any kind should be possible according to the prevailing views in neuroscience. (Dr. Bruce Greyson) Such experiences may encompass a variety of sensations, including detachment from the body, feelings of levitation, total serenity, security, warmth, the experience of absolute dissolution, and the presence of light. It can also include meeting face-to-face with God and becoming illuminated.

An SDE occurs when one feels one has participated in a dying person’s transition and experiences the same elevation to the spirit world up to a point. Then the one dying moves beyond where the still living can’t go.

Has your encounter with death called you to a life of wonder and awe?

Die Before Dying

Die Before Dying is a mystical teaching. It is a hint to expand your consciousness now, to include the realms beyond so that when you die, you consciously and joyously move on.   Rumi, Meister Eckhart, St. Teresa, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Indigenous and shamanic teachers, lovers of Mother Earth and Father Sun, and as far back as you can trace, sacred writings offer this wisdom. We need to befriend death to know who we are. Death is a part of us, a teacher and a guide.   As you already realize, it is one of the most inspiring and profound states available to humans. Why not experience it here, right now, while you are awake and aware?

Our beliefs about the afterlife, heaven, hell, or none shape our everyday lives and how we live them. Has a fear of death contorted your belief system to the point where you can only speak about it in hushed, solemn tones? Death is a teacher, and if you have had a near-death or shared-death experience, let’s unpack those teachings and bring them to life! Has your encounter with death called you to a life of wonder and awe?

Your near or shared death experience reveals your divinity!

1 Near Death, Multiple Shared Death, and Daily Mystical Experiences

Who would think having two wisdom teeth extracted would lead to death on an operating table in 1974?  Sepsis set in, and despite numerous medical attempts at curing the raging infection, I was getting weaker.  The doctors decided I needed surgery to remove my infected tonsils to get a grip on the infection. General anesthesia was out of the question, so a local anesthetic was the only choice. Only the local anesthetic did not work! I was acutely aware of the moment they started cutting. The pain was too much, so I left my body from the feet up. From the surgical suite ceiling, I saw the team trying to resuscitate me before I journeyed through the tunnel of light into the presence of pure love and divinity. Relatives, friends, and spiritual teachers greeted me in loving reunion, activating and awakening memories and teachings pertinent to my current life, which felt like a vague dream at that point. I was led to the throne of God and then merged into the Oneness. The ecstasy and love were beyond earthly description. Pure life, love, and power are not yet a common human experience!  When it was time to leave, I refused. I stomped my light feet, screamed NO, NO, NO, I WON’T LEAVE! I was turned around by a divine thought and told it was not my time and, despite my protestations, was sent back to a body racked with pain.

When I returned and opened my eyes, the surgeon’s face was two inches from my nose, listening for any sign of life. I saw the beads of sweat pouring down his face and his desperation, yet he still denied it. The surgeon and medical personnel did not tell my parents I died during surgery, nor did they admit it when confronted. The lie was hurtful, but the love I felt, the ecstasy and expansiveness live with me each moment. I have been blessed with daily mystical experiences each day of my life, but my NDE defines me more than any other.

My NDE, at 24, changed my life dramatically. Finally, I had physical confirmation of my experiences with the subtle realms. From birth onward, I was sensitive and spiritual, never forgetting the light beings and realms beyond earth from where I came. By the age of 22, I was a student of the Sufi Mystical Tradition and of Mother Earth. I had two teachers, one earthly who helped heal and enlighten me and one who spoke directly from consciousness to consciousness, who taught me how to live an embodied spiritual life. I honor both from the depths of my heart; they saved me from ignorance and lifted me into the heart of the cosmos. I’ve also learned that my encounter with God mirrored the divine within me.

Shared-death experiences are another leap into the mystical. The first one was brief and happened in 1993. I visited my parents in California at their winter home, and my uncle was in Pittsburgh. He was ill, but it didn’t seem like his passing was imminent. In the middle of the night, he came to me and surrounded me with a deep feeling of love, which was uncharacteristic. He said: You are right, Sarah; death is not something to fear; it is liberating. Tell your father I am with our mother and father, and we will all meet again. I woke up smiling.  Within two minutes, the phone rang, and my aunt told us that Uncle Bob had just passed. This confirmation was important to me. My father and uncle were practical scientists and engineers without appreciation for the spiritual. Their disdain for my life as an intuitive, sensitive person was always just beneath the surface of our relationships. His acknowledgment gave me hope and peace; hope that one day my mystical experiences would be accepted, and I would not feel like an outcast and peace that my uncle now knew peace too.

Very enlightening and filled with love, the death of my spiritual teacher in 1990, Sufi Amin, drew me into the world of the living, not death. It was late at night, and I was drawn to sit on the back steps of our deck. This was unusual because I love to sleep. The scene came to life as I gazed into the darkness and the starry sky. Every blade of grass was glowing; orbs were skirting the acreage like fireflies, and nature spirits danced with joy. Overwhelming for sure but incredibly breathtaking, I gave way to the scene before me and entered the light of life. About 20 minutes later, my husband came out and handed me the phone. The caller shared that Sufi Amin had passed about a half hour ago and wanted me to know that his love for me was forever.

In 1999 I was visiting a friend one thousand miles from home. In the middle of the night, a woman, another initiate in the Sufi tradition, passed over. I had not been in contact with her for over a year and did not know she was ill. She came to me in her light body, lifted me out of my body, and we traveled the tunnel of light together until we came to the feet of God. I was once again immersed in the overwhelming love that defies all earthly descriptions. After an immeasurable amount of time, she turned to me and communicated: God wanted to give you a hug! I am moving on now, and you will return to your body strengthened and wiser. I gently returned to my body and woke up my husband to share the divine presence with him.

I have been blessed with a continuity of consciousness from birth through life and death. We can gather or unearth the wisdom that has lain silently dormant but, when awakened, illuminates our soul so that we can lead a sacred life. Near-death and shared death experiences are necessary gateways to break the hypnotic spell of materialism. My life has been dedicated to maintaining this connection throughout all of the life crises, medical issues, disappointing relationships, and hard life lessons that skillfully sculpted a path of revelation. Life is both agony and ecstasy and all that exists between and beyond.

You are the rainbow bridge between heaven and earth. Let the blessings flow!

Extra Support: Transmissions and Downloads Take You Beyond the Mind into the Light

You had an undeniable experience, right? It lives in you as the truth. But sometimes, our reality is so shattered that we can’t find our way back to balance and truth. We are never the same after a reality-shattering experience, we cannot return to who we were, but we can heal and embrace a life of expanded consciousness.

The only way to integrate this experience is with more illuminated experiences. When we meet in our sacred circle during the workshop, a portal opens to the same dimension as your near or shared death experience. The opportunity is offered to gather the wisdom and love you felt then into your life today. I admit it is a process, but when you shift beyond the mind into the experience of uplifted consciousness, you will find more of what you are seeking. Just as your near or shared death experience lives in every cell of your being, the power of the transmission during class is just as powerful and enlightening.

Discussions and Meditations

We will share and practice meditations that take you into the lights. I’m not here to interpret your experience; I teach embodied meditations that lead to the near-death realm so you can make peace and gather wisdom from your initial experience. A near-death or shared-death experience is a life-defining moment that leads to more life-changing moments!

Who Should Take This Class?

Near-death and shared death experiences who want to

  • Own and integrate the wisdom of death into life.
  • Be with others who understand and share their experience.
  • Share the wisdom and love of their own experiences.
  • Bring the light of their being into life.
  • Make love a priority.
  • Live a life informed by the eternal now.
  • Know how to respond to those who don’t believe you.

This class takes you into a deep experience of the light and soul of your being!

What You Will Receive

  • All class recordings
  • New Life After Near and Shared Death Journal
  • Personal interaction and feedback
  • High-frequency transmissions that elevate you to the state of Love
  • The support of the Sacred Circle

All are welcome who are interested in the topic.

Classic Books on NDE’s

Raymond Moody, Life After Life

Bruce Greyson, After: A Doctor Explores What Near-Death Experiences Reveal about Life and Beyond

Eben Alexander 111: Proof of Heaven, A Neuro Surgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife

Lauren Bellg MD,   Near Death in the ICU: Stories from Patients Near Death and Why We Should Listen to Them

Jeffrey Long, Paul Perry,  Evidence of the Afterlife: The Science of Near-Death Experiences

PMH Atwater comprehensive website on NDE’s

Journal of Near Death Experiences

International Association for Near Death Studies

Podcast: Dr. Scott Taylor on near and shared death experiences

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NEW DATE….MOVED UP ONE DAY……Sunday, July 23, 2023

10 AM EDT – 5 PM EDT

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$288    This class is limited to 20 participants to provide individual guidance to all attendees.

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