2024 SpiritHeal Foundation Sessions


Read to the end and listen to the recordings from the first 3 Foundation Sessions!

Consider this a meet and greet with Mother Earth and Father Sun!

I love to share the moment Mother Earth I was initiated into the feminine mysteries by Mother Earth herself. When I share this, the energy will be transmitted to you too.

I was walking in a metro park with my tripod and camera, mesmerized by the beauty of the trees, stream, and rocks when I was stopped short and couldn’t take another step. My feet were planted so deeply in the earth it felt like I had become a tree, unable to move. I was instantly connected to the nourishment, life force, and energy streaming upward through my roots. I gave up struggling, trying to figure out what was happening to me, and took a deep breath. Then she spoke. You are my daughter, and you will never feel alone again. She continued, transmitting an awakening of the feminine mysteries and a living stream of awareness between my heart and hers. My heart burst with recognition and reunion with The Great Mother as Mother Earth.

I called you to me, drew your spirit from faraway heavens So we ascend together as the new age of the Earth Mother arrives. Since that day, 54 years ago, I have been sharing her transmission, how to live in her heart in every class and retreat. She teaches us to gather in Sacred Circle, to align with Mother Earth and Father Sun so we awaken to the cosmic mysteries in our human forms and bring the new age to life. Who else loves us like a Mother? Who else supports our growth in a wise and loving embrace? Who raises us to the point when we become sovereign, mature, spiritually aware, and awakened beings?

Our cosmic community is revealed when we are reunited with our powerful wisdom within. In effect, we come into harmony with our subconscious, waking consciousness, and superconsciousness, dissolving the anxiety of disconnection.

In this free SpiritHeal Foundations class, I will re-introduce you to your “Mother,” The Great Mother, Mother Earth and Father Sun, The Great Father, so you, too, will never feel alone. And once again, you can live with a sense of alignment, flow, and love, knowing you live in the heart of the Mother.

We will cover the foundation practices shared in every SpiritHeal Institute class:
1. Quantum grounding: Connecting from soul to cell with Mother Earth and Father Sun.
2. Understanding and generating the toroidal field of consciousness.
2. The transformative experience of a Sacred Circle.

You are invited to join this class if you are curious about spiritual transformation in daily life, the transition to the New Earth or Age of Aquarius, in need of a light for your path, or seek freedom from the anxiety of disconnection. 

Those who have experienced the foundation practices have this to say.

As an empathic person who has struggled with overstimulation and the emotional shutdown related to that experience, Sarah Weiss and the SpiritHeal Institute’s Sacred Circle classes, private healing sessions, and retreats have taught me how to be fully in my body and reach my life’s purpose, while also accepting my uniqueness and celebrating it. I recommend joining these classes if you are looking for a feminine mystery approach to healing and well-being.  –SM

If, for some reason, you stumble across a website called “ spirithealonline.com,” just relax.  You have arrived at a growth experience, which may not be what you expect, but it will be “truth.” –RC

We chose to be here at the most important time on earth!!
We need all the help we can get amongst the chaos!
Sarah and all the guides help us remember the great beings of light we are and give us the tools to support Mother Earth and all beings on Earth.
The teachings are from the feminine and allow us calm yet powerful Vibrational communication with our bodies and soul!”  — ML

Today, I find myself contemplating the duality of isolation and solitude. As I continue my daily grounding practice, I long to stay here and never leave. Grounding into Mother Earth and activating my toroidal field is the only place that makes sense to me right now.

For a long time, I have framed my empathic nature inside the context of “having to withdraw from the world to feel safe,” leaving me with the low-frequency, disempowered feeling of isolation. I realize now this is an old paradigm perspective. In the frequency of the new paradigm, I am empowered to seek out the splendid solitude that exists within my cultivated energy body and field, as I find refuge and recharge myself within the warmth and loving tenderness of Mother Earth. —Elena

This is a wonderful opportunity to experience the SpiritHeal Institute Foundation practices of connecting to Mother Earth, Father Sun, and The Sacred Circle. The sessions occur on five Saturday mornings throughout 2024 from 10 AM to 11:15 AM.  All sessions are on Zoom, and you can attend as many as you want, but you must register to receive the Zoom link. Registration for the April session is now open.

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February 10, 2024 Recording

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April 20, 2024 Recording

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June 15, 2024

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