Coaching and Mentoring for Subtle Energy Practitioners

Coaching and Mentoring for Subtle Energy Practitioners
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I want you to succeed!  I want you to be fulfilled! I want more people healed in the world!

The world of subtle energies presents unusual challenges for those who want feedback and advanced training.

When your subtle energy perception experiences surprise you and leave you unsure of how to handle the unexpected, you need a mentor, someone who can help you with specific situations and questions. I share my 45 years of experience working in the subtle energy realms with you so that your own skills and abilities are expanded and upgraded.

I listen, guide, and coach in a way that reveals where to find your answers within. This gives you the confidence to access your own wisdom when you encounter the unexpected.

Since our coaching session earlier this year, things have really accelerated in my consciousness! My deep gratitude to you as I join you in service to the light! —C. M.

Sarah challenges me to embody my highest truths with integrity, love, and compassion and to be fully present in life. I feel truly blessed to have her support and guidance as my inner journey unfolds. — S.F.

Coaching on all aspects of setting up and running a subtle energy practice are within the scope of my experience. Common themes include setting healthy boundaries, grounding, making a real living wage, energetic protection, business practicalities, integrity issues, aligning your practice with your heart, feelings of inadequacy and lack of confidence, attracting clients, trusting your intuition, clarifying personal and business goals, working cleanly with other practitioners, maintaining work/life balance, and understanding unusual spiritual and energetic experiences.

All sessions are by phone.

Coaching Session  60 minutes  $250

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Cancellations made 48 hours or more in advance are not charged a cancellation fee.  Any cancellations within 48 hours of the appointment will be charged 100% of the session fee.

Schedule an extra 20 minutes before your session to listen to this grounding and relaxing meditation. Download it and use it daily if you want!

Download the audio file here.

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