2024 Refining Your Vibrational Intelligence   

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Connect to the expanded world you always knew existed!

You are a vibrational being.  All that exists emerges from the all-pervading living vibrational Source field. Vibrations create us, surround us, and align and connect us to all existence.  Until now, this has been a mystery revealed only to mystics who retreated to caves and monasteries.

  • Vibrations are like air: everywhere but invisible.
  • Vibrational intelligence enhances harmony and coherence.
  • Guides, angels, and illuminated beings are vibrational.
  • Vibrations are more crucial to our well-being than our breath.
  • Vibration carries us from one dimension to the next,
    from birth to the afterlife.
  • Vibrations are creating you at this very moment.


Vibrational intelligence is in service to wisdom and clarity.

Now that telescopes can see galaxies where it was thought only empty space existed, we must become vibrationally intelligent to be aware of all that influences our lives.

As our consciousness expands into more ethereal realms, the world of vibration is quickly becoming part of our everyday experience. Life is vibrational. Can you imagine what you might learn, access, and understand by approaching life from the vibrational experience?  Angels, guides, aliens, nature spirits, all living creatures, the elements, sacred geometry and your multi-dimensional self all exist as vibrations.

Enter into the magic of making the invisible visible by becoming fluent in speaking, sensing, and knowing the world of vibration.  Once you can perceive and give voice to the subtle world just outside your five physical senses, you will finally feel whole, seen, and excited to embrace your multidimensional self.

What is Vibrational Intelligence?

Vibrational intelligence vastly differs from everyday thinking; it reveals universal truths.

Our subtle body contains latent sense organs of spiritual perception that help us perceive and understand the non-physical world. Each of the physical senses has a subtle, parallel subtle sense. Seeing, sensing, feeling, hearing, smelling, and tasting at this level are vibratory experiences. Yes, you may see colors, guides, and distant stars, but you will also have access to universal wisdom. Now that we’ve entered the new earth, you have the energetic and spiritual support to activate expanded sense perception. And interpret what you sense.

Learning the language of vibration and energy allows you to exist in an expanded world beyond the boundaries of material 3D perception. You are free to know what you already sense. You’ll confirm that the world holds more meaning, love, light, power, and creativity than you’ve been conditioned to believe. With your vibrational intelligence comes awareness of subtle worlds and wisdom beyond your imagination, from the highest to the lowest frequencies, from one dimension to many.

The ability to tune into vibrations and energy supports self-care and healing. Distinguishing elevated vibrations from those that compromise you is a new survival skill.

The Secret

The secret to refining your vibrational intelligence is letting go of all preconceived notions, expectations, impatient anticipation, beliefs, and attachments.  Finding a neutral space where emotions and thoughts are quieted allows your subtle senses to share their wisdom, to bring you into a state of coherence where you think with your heart and stream light to your body.  Be ready to be surprised when you let go of expectations and assumptions. Be ready for a reality check! You may discover you are from another planet, that you’ve lost power to an illusion, that you have undiscovered talents to cultivate, or a passion for all that is divine and holy. Be ready to accept a new you, one that is aligned with 5D consciousness.

What Vibrational Intelligence is Not

It’s not about control, overreaching power, predicting outcomes, making money, or attracting a partner. Vibrational intelligence raises your awareness into the spheres of creative wisdom. You become a consciousness creator and collaborator, with access to the purpose of creation and your own personal purpose. Your life takes on new meaning when aligned with the finer forces.

Entering the 5D space with expanded subtle senses is like moving to a new country; everything is different. There are new customs, values, ways of relating, and a new you.

With the current planetary ascension, alignment with the galactic center, and entrance into the Aquarian age, the new paradigm requires the activation of new senses to interact with our finer vibratory world.

What to Expect

Each SpiritHeal Institute class is a portal to ascension.

You will receive transmissions and practices to awaken your subtle senses and teachings on how to enter a neutral space. When we gather in a sacred circle, each participant’s energy and frequency are raised to receive the blessings and guidance of the illuminated ones. Insights, healing, and wholeness are just a few of the results of creating sacred space together. Guided meditations, conversation, and feedback will support the refinement of your vibrational intelligence.

The classes are recorded and downloadable, with an outline and transcript.

Mondays, June 17, 24, July 1, 8, (skip 7/15), 22, 29, 2024,   8- 9:15 PM Eastern
Please register by June 12, 2024.

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