My intuition never fails me, it is I who fail when I do not listen to it. — Hazrat Inayat Khan


with Sarah Weiss

Medical Intuition, Empath Training, Coaching, Spiritual Divorce Ceremony, Past Life Integration and Soul Retrieval sessions help you claim your power, truth, and connection to your intuitive, higher self. The sessions are fluid, if you can’t decide which one is for you, select the Medical Intuition session and I will include any and all modalities that serve you best.

Since our healing session earlier this year, things have really accelerated in my consciousness!  My deep gratitude to you as I join you in service to the light! –C.M.

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FAQs for Individual Sessions

Give yourself the gift of preparing for your session. Listen to this relaxation and grounding meditation to set the stage for optimal healing and transformation.

Preparation for Session: Audio Recording

Download the audio file here.