2024 Free Up Sacred Space: Support for Spiritual Transformation    

Free Up Sacred Space: Support for Spiritual Transformation    

Do you want your history to keep repeating, never allowing you to become your 5D self?

Learning to create spaciousness so your history doesn’t repeat itself is the goal of this class series!

When your consciousness lacks spaciousness, expansion is limited to what you already know, not what you could know or become. Understanding and clearing your past creates space for new visionary experiences, higher-frequency thinking and sensing, and transmissions that activate 5D consciousness.

How do you clear the past and let go?

How do you stop toxicity from taking you down?

How do you claim your power and embody your space and place?

What happens when you finally let go? You will be surprised by the freedom, wholeness, and serenity you’ll experience! Your powerful presence will fill in the space left by old toxic history. All the energy used hiding from your past is freed up to support your expansion!

Don’t underestimate the power of serenity; it opens all possible paths for your forward motion.

To free up sacred space, you need to do what seems impossible: let go of traumas, resentments, fears, conditioning, distractions, and anxieties that are usurping your energy and capturing your attention.  In 3D you spent years trying to escape the burdens of personal, familial, and planetary stories. You recognize the weight of the heavy energies that keep the lighter energies beyond your reach. You follow the call to actualization but are drawn back by an invisible tether. The journey has been exhausting but necessary. The Piscean Age use to our journey, but now the Aquarian Age expands your perceptual spaciousness to discover greater spiritual possibilities.

What is Perceptual Spaciousness?

For our class purposes, perceptual spaciousness allows the unknown to be known through heightened sense perception, intuition, and direct experience. It was formerly known as the Sixth Sense and, in the Aquarian Age, is no longer confined to the crystal ball, turban, or even the third eye. It is jump time; we are leaping, not just evolving, into an entirely new way of living with activated senses able to perceive what has been unperceivable.


Powerful cosmic energies stream straight into your heart. Do you have the bandwidth to receive them?


It’s Time to Liberate the Old and Make Room for the New.

Planetary evolution is ushering in a new reality based on transcendence, resonance, frequency, and vibration. The walls have come down between the subtle and the material. Living with an awareness of the broader spectrum of consciousness, including subtle energies, transformation takes on new dimensions. Letting go of the old and creating more space happens without much effort when we engage the power of transcendence, resonance, frequency, and vibration. You can see this in the new energy-based healing modalities already activated in the spiritual and scientific realms. This class teaches you to replace heavy energies with light, illness with vitality, and disruption with calm through resonance, frequency, and vibration. You will generate spaciousness for new visions that are vibrant and fulfilling. Once the space is created, growth and expansion follow.

Transformation Through Toroidal Consciousness  

When you resonate with your soul frequency, an energetic pattern known as the toroidal flow connects you to your totality. A wholeness arises in your consciousness, opening subtle energy perception, intuitive awareness, and healing frequencies, making Aquarian consciousness available daily. As you participate in each class, your awareness of your toroidal field and the natural flow of vibrant, live-giving energies increases as does your perceptual spaciousness.

The Sacred Circle

This class is experiential, not academic. Participants are transformed by transmission and attunement.  A sacred circle is activated and grounded in the love of Mother Earth and Father Sun, where your higher being, light, and love convene to generate the field beyond judgment and polarity. It is your right to receive the energies and allow them to release old loops of trauma, awaken inner knowing, and be blessed by the mystery until you become the living embodiment of powerful, life-changing Love.


Class Offering: $288

Please register by April 15, 2024

April 22, 30 (Tuesday), May 6, 13, 20, (skip 5/27) 6/3, 2024,  8 – 9:15 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Please note that for this session, the second class is on Tuesday, April 30, and May 27 is skipped due to Memorial Day.

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