2019 Sanctifying Your Cosmic Consciousness Part 3

Teleclass: The Coherent Cosmos Series: Sanctifying Your Cosmic Consciousness Part 3

Tuning our consciousness to 2020

In Part Three we close out 2019 and prepare for 2020. We continue moving into greater connection with our higher being with the hope of eventually making our higher being our everyday being. We were never meant to be separated from the wisdom and overarching love of our higher being. When religious teachings degraded and hypnotized humans into believing they needed an intercessor to connect to divinity, our world entered a very dark age. Slowly we are moving out of the spiritual dark ages and into the light of truth.  As 2020 nears, we can feel the quickening of our hearts. Our intuition is guiding us to make friends with beings on all dimensions; the elements, nature spirits, Mother Earth, Father Sun, the Ascended Masters, and the Shining Ones. They are our higher-frequency friends who help us activate our deepest wisdom, power, joy, and love.  Together we are clearing the pathway for spiritual emergence. It’s a collaborative effort!

The Coherent Cosmos Series arises from a stream of coherent laser-like healing light that carries us along the planetary and personal ascension pathway. Traveling with others along the path is much more powerful than traveling alone, so please join us.  When we meet in spiritual harmony an etheric light temple activates and holds the space for the higher self and everyday self to become One. From this Oneness, the fifth-dimensional consciousness is birthed and your capacity to embody the advanced consciousness permeating the earth’s bio-field is greatly increased. Earth, sky, and you…. the Coherent Cosmos.

If the word “sanctify” conjures up visions of a luminous being blessing you with a blast of divine light, filling you with the most loving, pure, wisdom consciousness you can imagine, then you have the right idea! Sanctify means to bless, consecrate, purify, make holy, make sacred, and exalt.  Are you ready to discover that you are the holy one you have been seeking?

Intuitively you know this luminous being is you. Your mind will deny it, but your heart knows. You sanctify your physical consciousness with the luminosity of your divinity. This is how we were created and conceived.

We’ve been told we need someone beyond the earthly realm to sanctify and make holy the lowly physical being we think we are. In fact, just the opposite is true. Your earthly body came with a mandatory sanctifying function, just like a car comes with factory-installed headlights. 

Time and Dates November 18, 25, December 2, 9, 16, 23, 2019    8 – 9:15 PM

Registration Fee $250

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