2020 5D Shift: Making Room for Your Higher Being

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5D Shift: Making Room for Your Higher Being

Join me for this powerful class that begins November 2.  We will meet in the sacred circle and receive attunements to empower the actualization of our higher being!

We are feeling the waves of change and they are powerful. We’ve left 3D behind and whether you know it or not, we are existing in the 5D paradigm. Everything is different. Our consciousness is different, our bodies are changing, and our frequency has shifted. Everything about our lives is affected by the heightened consciousness of the current planetary cycle. Everything is affected: life purpose and meaning, relationships, identity, physiology, and the entire ecosphere we reside in have changed and so have we. Do you recognize yourself any longer?

It’s time to make room for your higher being; to let it take over. We need to learn how to live and speak “higher being.” Not one thought, feeling, or sensation from the old paradigm applies in the new paradigm. The thoughts, feelings, and perceptions of our higher being can shape how you function as an embodied spiritual being. Make room for the fresh perspective your higher being provides.

More Shedding

There is more shedding and release on our path. But it’s happening in a different energetic environment. The fresh energies of 5D are supporting the quick release of all that has been a weight on our being. The days of long processing are behind us. Today’s frequency modalities free us up quickly and align us with our higher being so intuition and guidance is readily accessible.

As we head into the end of 2020 we are setting a new stage for living and being. The times will be tumultuous no doubt, but they will also be incredibly spiritually powerful and revealing. All that has held us back will show up for quick clearing and we will move forward with more confidence in our inner light than ever before.

Registration Information

6 Sessions: Mondays,  November 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, December 7,  2020    8 – 9:15 PM (Eastern Time)  $250

All sessions are recorded and available to download and keep forever. Supplemental materials are provided on the class page.

All participants must wear headsets or earbuds;  speakerphones are not permitted due to the noise factor involved.

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