2020 EE Coach Training

The Enlightened Empath Coach Training

2020 is the inaugural year of The SpiritHeal Enlightened Empath Coach Training.

Those who have completed the following may apply for the program:

  1. The Enlightened Empath Training
  2. Five individual coaching sessions with an Enlightened Empath Coach or the Program Director
  3. One Enlightened Empath Retreat

The training is a one year program that covers:

  1. Reconnect with your true self and your source of spiritual guidance and inspiration.
  2. Understanding the psycho-spiritual-physical nature of the empath’s consciousness
  3. Coaching skills
  4. Discovering your coaching style and envisioning how it will be expressed in a professional coaching practice.
  5. Developing skillful means of grounding, centering and aligning personal energies to balance your own empath energies.
  6. Understanding the empath as a preview of the future of humanity, where telepathy, transparency, truth, love, and unity are the foundations of society.

Training Modalities include:

  1. Eleven 90 minute teleclasses
  2. Mentored Practicums: Attendance at The Enlightened Empath Training and one Enlightened Empath Retreat to learn, through direct observation, experience, and mentoring, the dynamics of working with and teaching empaths.
  3. Answering a series of self-reflective questions that help heal past wounds experienced as an empath, encourage transparency, authenticity, transparency, and bring forth a vision of your life purpose.

If you are interested in the 2021 training contact Sarah Weiss, Program Director.