2020 The Enlightened Empath Training

A SpiritHeal Teleclass with Sarah Weiss

2020 The Enlightened Empath: Co-creating and Communicating the Enlightened Empath’s Way

5D Support, Revelation, and Evolution

I have updated The Enlightened Empath Training and Advanced Training to accommodate the speed with which we are evolving in 2020. All empaths and highly perceptive/sensitive beings are welcome to attend this innovative approach to empath education.

Good News for Empaths!

Experiencing HUGE shifts in consciousness?  Do you even know who you are anymore?  Are higher-frequencies breaking through in the form of light, sound, visions, and insight? Are you drawn into a deeper connection with your heart and soul? Are you more sensitive than ever before? Fifth-dimensional (5D) consciousness is transforming us into a new type of human who is living on a new form of earth. Living through this transition is not easy but it is good news for empaths!  In 5D empaths are not empaths, they are light beings who live in harmony and Oneness with all existence.

I believe that all empaths are a preview of the future human. The telepathic and empathic abilities that are exhibited by empaths are just a small demonstration of our multi-dimensional and multi-sensory capabilities. It’s exciting to know that every minute we are mirroring or absorbing another being we are actually connecting to our amazing telepathic abilities. 5D consciousness shifts our world towards more wholeness, expanded energy awareness and the reality of the unified field–the same consciousness empaths are immersed in now.

High-Frequency Attunements and Healing for Empaths

Special topics relating to understanding, embracing and expressing your true empathic self will be featured each month. The teachings will be seeded within each participant through transmissions from the higher frequency consciousness activated in the sacred circle and cultivated through the monthly meditation practice recommended between sessions.

  • Embracing and living from our essential nature.
  • Enhancing 5th-dimensional consciousness.
  • Realizing you are highly perceptive instead of highly absorptive.
  • Communicating with the entire universe of wisdom.
  • Activating your innate intelligent boundaries.
  • Translating non-verbal subtle energies into words.
  • Strengthening your boldness without sacrificing your receptivity.
  • Normalizing telepathic communication.
  • Making Oneness the ground of awareness and the source of your individual divinity.
  • Loved by the Earth and Stars

”Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.” Rumi

For more information about The SpiritHeal Institute approach to Empath Training click on “Past Classes” at the bottom of this page.

Read below for the topics associated with each month.

The Format

We will gather in the sacred circle once a month to attune with real-time guidance and high-frequency energies. Each month will have a topic relevant to empaths along with an energy download/attunement and discussion.  The training will include a meditation to be practiced each month to support your emergence as a fully embodied multi-dimensional telepathic being. You will move beyond being highly absorptive to highly perceptive.

Maintaining a real-time alignment ensures you are open to your higher guidance and intuitive intelligence.  The power of the sacred circle cannot be emphasized enough. I realize empaths often want to keep to themselves, but they also need community and support. We will start each class with a high-frequency sacred circle that will bring the entire group into harmony with Mother Earth, Father Sun, and the Merkaba of Love and Light that unites us all. This ensures we maintain a protective, harmonious, light protected space.

Empaths come into alignment with their true self when they are supported by the highest frequencies available. High-frequency energy is more important than food for empaths. Your essential nature, (yes, you do have an essential or true nature,) is enlivened and revealed when you are in alignment with the core cosmic energies that embrace us in the sacred circle. The source energies that animate life and consciousness are available to you when your awareness deepens and you meet the energies where they exist instead of demanding that they meet you in limited space and time.

Join me for a year-long journey to become the multi-dimensional and grounded being you know yourself to be. It is possible to be a powerful strong empath who helps pave the way for

–Living from wholeness
–Unity, transparency and truth to be our common ground, and
–The Heart of the Mother to be our guide and teacher.

”Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.” Rumi

Topics and Dates

All classes will be from 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM Eastern Time.

Recordings, class notes and a discussion forum are available on a private class page.

February 22
Establishing the Sacred Circle, How to Receive a Transmission & Relationship of High-Frequency Energy to Well Being
March 21
People are Miserable and You Are Not…Living a Grounded, Confident Life
Upgrading Empathic Senses to Telepathic Senses
April 18
Living in the Heart of the Mother: Connecting to Guidance and Living into Your Answers
May 16
Your Personal Mandala: Boundaries, Sacred Geometry & Your True Self
June 20
Digesting Fear, Anxiety, and Darkness with the Help of Nature Spirits, Mother Earth and Father Sun
July 18
The Language of Light: Translating Frequencies into Words and Normalizing Telepathic Communication
August 15
Embodiment: When to Be In Your Body and When to Step Out of Body
September 12
Being a First Responder: Your Inner Medic(ine)
October 17
The Empaths Natural Realm: Quantum Consciousness…Beyond Time and Space into 5D
November 21
Illuminating Your Unique Path
December 19
Grow, Flow and Glow: Integrating Light Body ConsciousnessBeyond Time and Space: Plasma Streams, Portals, and The Flower of Life

This class spans 2020 and purposefully builds energy, light, awareness, power, and transformational impact with each ensuing month.


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