2020 Pure Awareness Retreat

Pure Awareness: Speaking Light-to-Light, Love-to-Love, Energy-to-Energy

Virtual Retreat with Sarah Weiss

November 6 – 8, 2020

Pre-requisites: Participants must have taken a class or had a private session with Sarah Weiss. See Classes and Retreats and Appointments to sign up for a class or schedule a session. 

Pure Awareness Provides Answers

Your soul speaks in the language of love, light, vibration, and energy. In the silent world of pure awareness, time and space dissolve into direct knowing. Are we quantum beings or what? (!)

The owl spirit is emblematic of a deep connection with wisdom and intuitive knowledge. Owl spirit guides you to see the true reality, beyond illusion and deceit.

Beyond wordsthoughts, and concepts, the truth of your being reveals itself to you. When you speak light-to-light, energy-to-energy, and love-to-love you open a soul dialogue with your inner guidance.  Knowing soul-speak generates a profound knowing that quiets and soothes the interminable seeking and underlying agitation. Pure awareness instills wholeness and peace so still that infinite love and wisdom naturally flows. You’ll learn to speak the language of your soul and translate it into insights and revelations that open new pathways and spark lightning shifts in your life. 

The Peaceful Journey to Pure Awareness

Peace is the goal of a retreat. Silencing and soothing the monkey mind so you can hear your heart and soul is what we seek on retreat. When peace is the center of life, your sense of self-love, gratitude, and acceptance propels you forward towards fulfillment. Peace is not a passive state. The soul thrives in peace; it wakes up and becomes the dynamic force directing your life. Your journey of unfolding becomes an exciting mystery, and you confidently meet each swivel and turn.  There is an underpinning of faith, hope, light, and love that you come to realize, are the supportive arms of your soul.

Why a Retreat is Necessary

We need retreats to cleanse all that covers the beauty of our soul. Our physical and subtle senses are dulled by the build-up of toxic thoughts and feelings. Personal, societal, and planetary confusion and illusion darken our minds, bodies, and emotions to the point where nothing is bright and clear. When our senses are dulled, life is dull. You can’t believe life is beautiful because the film covering your senses is telling you it is dark and dingy. Retreats let light in so the soul can shine.

As I settle in I can feel the power of our circle calling to go within. I am finding the ‘loudness‘ of the world outside as intolerable while the transition to stillness takes place.–LP

Reach Your Highest Potential

Discover your true self, your inspiration and purpose for living, your connection to the non-physical and subtle realities that span vast dimensions, and, most significantly, your connection to the divine. Pure Awareness reveals this and more. We’ve come to believe that dullness, fatigue, manipulation, boredom, self-sabotage, and lies are normal. We’ve dissociated far too long from our true selves; a retreat helps you reach your highest human potential.

My owls have called me this morning out of the chasm of worldliness and back to the truth. Blessings All as we continue in our pure awareness and evolve into the beautiful Beings we really are. –AS

Retreat Process

The retreat will convene over the Zoom Teleconference platform. The retreat is energy-based. It is truly non-local! There will be transmissions, a sacred circle, energy clearing and healing, guided meditations, self-reflection times, and all that transpires in the subtle realms to create a powerful retreat. Your connection to your inner guides and guidance will be strengthened as a result of this retreat. Based on the content of the session, the meetings will be either video or audio. You will need a WIFI or cell connection.  All sessions will be recorded and available at the conclusion of the retreat.  More details will be sent once you register.

Thank you, Sarah, for the grace, love, wisdom, and joy that you have ignited in the infinite depths of my human body and spiritual being.–CN

Virtual Retreat Logistics

Participants are required to participate in all sessions as if you are on retreat in person. Your optimal retreat experience will be determined by how you prepare and manage your time during the retreat. Clear your schedule of outside demands, provide healthy food for yourself, and create a sacred space for the duration of the retreat. The schedule will go from 9 AM to 9 PM, (Eastern Daylight Time) with several breaks between sessions. The final schedule will be sent to you when you register.

Sarah Weiss is a retreat leader, spiritual guide, and medical intuitive. She calls in spirit through Mother Earth and Father Sun to form sacred circles of expansion and healing. For over 45 years Sarah has empowered thousands to form a relationship with the living energies of Source and tune into their inner guidance. 



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