2020 Shedding the Burden of Your Self

The Smiling Universe Part 5

Shedding the Burden of Your Self

When life gets too heavy, and it certainly is these days, the remedy is to find the lighter and brighter you! Those on the spiritual journey likely have a reference point for when they are relieved of the burden of their being. You know when you feel light, speechless, aligned, and in-tune that you have shed the burden of yourself.

Beyond the brain fog, grumbles, confusion, anxiety, depression, and feeling like a stranger on a strange planet, there is a place within, where you can find peace, solace, love, and silence. Our ground of being, the place beyond time and space, where only pure awareness exists, is the soul’s remedy for these transitional times. Taking this journey is aligned with the energies of Fall and the Fall Equinox. The cosmic cycle of winding down, releasing, withdrawing to the bare bones of our being, supports the return to sanity, peace, and healing that takes place in the rarefied atmosphere of true being.

Sharp Clarity Cuts Through the Weight of Self

Instead of looking for an escape from your ego, go for clarity so sharp that all reflections, projections, and filters disappear, relieving us of their weight. We will focus on the first three chakras and how they are the path to freedom. We often think of the upper chakras as the source of our expansion into the light, but the first three chakras hold a special mystery about living your true purpose and clearing the way for that to happen.

When we shed the burden of our self, we remove the blocks to moving forward.  Join me for a unique meditative, energetic, and transformative experience.

6 Sessions: Mondays, September 14, 21, 28, Oct. 5, 12, 19, 2020  8 -9:15 PM (Eastern Time)

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