2020 Soft and Bold: The Feminine Approach to Ascension

The Smiling Universe Series

Soft and Bold: The Feminine Approach to Ascension

Welcome to the new paradigm where the feminine leads the way to balance and wholeness!

What is the feminine approach to ascension and why is it both bold and soft?  The feminine approach is beyond polarities, it is inclusive, multi-dimensional, and whole.

Surrendering to your heart is the path of feminine ascension. Traditionally the word “surrender” is associated with submission or loss of power. The meaning of surrender, in this context, is not submission to an outside authority, nor is it a weakness or loss. There is no fight for dominance or competition. As we soften our resistance, the stubborn insistence of “being right, in opposition”, and melt into true being we become the love, harmony, and beauty we seek. The feminine knows how to boldly surrender into the majesty that lives in the deep center of everyone (paraphrasing the Persian poet Rumi).

When we soften our hearts, we experience a unique combination of power, love, wisdom, and courage. Polarization dissolves and wholeness emerges.

We will explore what it feels like to be both Soft and Bold within the enveloping embrace of our heart. Transmissions will come through our Sacred Circle to enhance this experience and help firm it up in your being.  Life is never the same once we know how to integrate Soft and Bold. Fear dissolves into curiosity and openness. Love is your constant companion and guide as you experience the earth as the most beautiful place you can be.

The very center of your heart is where life begins – the most beautiful place on earth. —Rumi

Life is more beautiful when you feel grounded, confident, clear, resilient, courageous, curious, joyful, balanced, and when you boldly release self-loathing and embrace self-loving.

Dates and Time:

6 Sessions: Mondays, July 13, 20, 27, August 3, 17, 24,  2020     8 – 9:15 PM (Eastern Time)
Note: no class on 8/10/2020

Registration deadline is July 7, 2020

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