2020 Winter Solstice Attunement: Total Transformation

The Winter Solstice Sacred Circle convenes at 7 and ends at 9:30 PM, Sunday, December 20. Leading up to the 2020 Winter Solstice are several dramatic astrological events that will put us in line for revolutionary transformation beginning on December 21, 2020. The eclipses along with Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Mars aspects to earth will usher in the newest of the new age energies. Beginning in late 2019 we experienced a flood of higher frequency light that profoundly shifted our entire civilization in less than a year. Imagine the power it has to heighten your consciousness and forever change who you think you are!

We are in the midst of a fast-paced evolution.  Our bodies are changing along with our concept of what a body is. Our consciousness is changing so quickly that we hardly know where the earth stops and love begins. Yes, love.  The evolution of our consciousness is not linear; it is into spectrums of consciousness that are not physically based. So yes, our leap is from earth focused to love focused.

Our sacred circle will gather, activate, and attune to the heavenly cosmic solstice ceremony. The awakening and harmonizing of our light bodies will form a portal that unifies heaven and earth. We will be in the presence of transformational energy; the light of Father Sky and the love of Mother Earth. The high-frequency energies flooding us from the galaxy generate the codes for the new earth and the new you.

The Sacred Circle, the community of earth and heavenly beings, co-creates the new earth and the new you. We are participants and recipients; we are human and divine. We are the creators of the future.

Date and Time     Sunday, December 20, 2020,  7 – 9:30 PM

Fee     $50

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The registration deadline is December 16, 2020.  Limit 98 participants.

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