2021 Enlightened Empath Training: It’s Time to Activate Your Gifts

2021 is the year empaths finally emerge from their cocoons and make their presence known, seen, and heard.

My wish for the world is that everyone had access to the healing, love, and wisdom
that comes from the beautiful frequencies and light in these classes! –Cindy S.

If you are tired of feeling overwhelmed, confused, lost, exhausted, sick, and powerless, this is the year to turn your life around. Your specific role in humanity’s evolution is to model the expanded superpowers of higher consciousness and the love that sources our collective consciousness. It’s time to claim your gifts and stop allowing others to define and judge you.

Once you realize who you are and why you are here, boundaries are no longer the issue. You have natural boundaries that stream from your higher consciousness. They are quite beautiful because they don’t block life; they enhance all life through reconnection to heart and soul. When the wound of separation is healed, wholeness is your best protection.

The Enlightened Empath Training is sourced in the mystical teachings that have informed and guided the human spirit for eons. There is no greater gift than uniting body, mind, and spirit in love, harmony, and beauty. Internalizing and integrating the teachings through transmission bypassing the mind–allows you to know yourself and the divine directly.

Enlightened Empath Training Details 2021  Download this PDF for complete details!

You are the New Human Creating the New Earth in a New Age

2021 is the year empaths finally emerge from their cocoons and make their presence known, seen, and heard.

Empathic senses are the same as the elevated spiritual senses. Your ability to know another as yourself, to live transparently (because that’s the only way your senses will allow) can be clues that lead to the development of your intuitive super senses. Allow your misery to lead you to your majesty. Search the unseen realms for meaning and truth using your ability to merge with all existence.

Activating your gifts is another way of saying: Be your true self. You know you are an empath, so take the time to train your empathic senses. You have intimate first-hand access to unity, love, and wisdom as well as well-being and happiness because of your sensitivities, not despite them!

Enlightened Empath Training is a means to a goal: to activate your gifts of higher sensory perception and higher consciousness. Knowing yourself from an ascended state heals past wounds and thrusts you into your ascension arc.

As of December 2020, our planet entered the Aquarian Age, the time of love and understanding. Waves of change are surging through humanity’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies in 2021. We are in the midst of a life-altering ascension and humanity is in the process of becoming more like YOU! Empaths are the New Humans creating the New Earth in a New Age.

Empaths are Calibrated to Higher Collective Consciousness

Higher collective consciousness is our Source. It is the unified field, the One, the Love of All.

In The Enlightened Empath Training, you’ll discover your connection to Source instead of to the darker collective illusion that pervades humanity currently. When your antennae pick up the darkness you become burdened and overwhelmed; depressed and anxious. When you reunite with Source, your “sensitive” senses serve you beautifully. Being overwhelmed with love, wisdom, and light is much more preferable!

Yogi’s and spiritual masters spend lifetimes gaining the full spectrum perception you were born with. Don’t go back into the old paradigm consciousness, it’s too limiting for empaths. Learn to be attuned to both the collective and the individual from the perspective of higher consciousness.

The Enlightened Empath Training is aligned with the 2021 ascension cycles. If your goal is to activate your gifts and become a visionary, light-filled, joyful empath, then this training is for you. The schedule is intended to provide focus, continuity, and empowerment. It is condensed but it is not intense. 2021 energies favor and support the emergence of the more enlightened you.

A Message for Empaths from The Heart of the Mother

Your life will change dramatically this year. The Empaths Second Wave of Awakening aligns with the new light frequencies bathing the Earth from the galaxy’s center. You will make a positive impact on humanity. Your radiant truth, love, and wisdom will shine to the degree that you align authentically to the love within and around you. Your path to a full, joyful life is opening now.

Over the last ten years, during the first wave of empathic awakening, you got to know yourself as an empath. Your super senses were activated but you had to grow into them. You were incubating; in a gestational stage that allowed your heightened consciousness to integrate with your body. It’s not easy for the current physical consciousness to integrate with the higher frequencies; it’s much easier for the integration to happen in the dark, so there is little interference in your great ascension.

I know it was not comfortable for you; the state of becoming means everything is unknown. Since birth, you have been in a state of continuous spiritual growth as your body adjusted to Full Spectrum Consciousness. This process had to happen outside of the womb to receive the codes directly from Mother Earth and Father Sun. Your spiritual body followed along a planned timeline to coincide with the new paradigm consciousness of 2021. It is your time to shine.

The Enlightened Empath Training Integrates High-Frequency Attunements, Healing, Sacred Ceremony, and Sacred Community


You are seen as “whole” and “gifted”, not wounded and defective in this training. The goal is to maximize your spiritual gifts and heal the wounds of separation and fragmentation. Wellness, boundaries, relationships, spiritual growth, and energetic awareness are covered in every session.

Sacred Community

Empaths thrive in the higher frequency spheres. How are you to know your true and highest self, your purpose in life, and activate your gifts without a place to see, feel, and interact with others? The Sacred Circle provides the experience of Sacred Community. An integral modality of the training, the Sacred Circle is the model of a spiritually aware community collectively connected to Source.


Entering into practical and mystical growth engages every dimension of your being. Gaining trust in training practices and building trust with fellow participants is essential for successful results. Your safety, timing, and flow are respected and honored. Spaciousness coupled with guidance generates the ground for deep realization and integration. Most importantly, the training teaches you to trust and respect your intuition and guidance.

Boundaries and Healthy Relationships

Empaths are often challenged to define their needs, feel deserving of having needs, and speaking up for their needs. Finding words to describe what you feel frustrates the most aware empath. Every session includes practices to cultivate self-acceptance, self-expression, confidence, and self-love–the essentials for creating a fulfilling life.

Teachings that Change Your Life

These topics are covered in-depth throughout the training. A full description and outline is provided in the downloadable PDF at the top and bottom of this page.

•Creating boundaries through self-definition and energetic awareness.
•Self-care: grounding, clearing, energizing, and healing.

•Shedding the old identity of being “too sensitive”.
•Understanding and tuning into subtle energies.

•The healing partnership of cell and soul.
•Being bold and firm without sacrificing your receptivity.

•Normalizing telepathic communication.
•Understanding your unique vibrational communication style.

•Creating positive relationships and validating your needs.
•Accessing 5D transformational states of consciousness.

•Activating your toroidal field: your connection to universal light and love.
•Learning the universal language of vibration and frequency.

•Recognizing and connecting to the spirit of guidance.
•Cultivating personal power and sovereignty.

•Learning universal love from The Heart of the Mother.
•Experiencing the power of the spiritual community and the sacred circle.

What you receive when you register for the 2021 Training:

  • Over 50 hours of “real-time” Zoom training with Sarah Weiss and SpiritHeal Institute Coaches
  • Attunements and transmissions that speak to your soul directly and activate your superpowers.
  • Participation in Sacred Circle ceremonies that transform participants through high-frequency energies and access to direct teachings from the cosmos.
  • The energy and support of fellow empaths.
  • The Enlightened Empath Manual
  • The Enlightened Empath Journal
  • Additional supplemental articles, videos, and meditations
  • Recordings of each class
  • Interaction with class members
  • Feedback and assessment of your progress

The Enlightened Empath Training begins on March 20, 2021. For a complete description, dates, and cost download this PDF.

Enlightened Empath Training Details PDF

Read the PDF for complete details or click on Register for payment details.

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