2021 Enlightened Empath Training


2021 is the year empaths finally emerge from their cocoons and make their presence known, seen, and heard. It is time for you to make your impact, to embody high-frequency, full-spectrum consciousness. Recognition of the subtle, the energetic, the quantum consciousness of magical humans is the way of the future. It is the future of our culture, medicine, politics, relationships, and the fulfillment of our purpose.  Your friends, neighbors, relations, and colleagues need to know there are subtle dimensions of being supporting their emergence as powerful, transformational agents. Empaths can lead the way.

5D Support, Revelation, and Evolution

All empaths and highly perceptive/sensitive beings are welcome to attend this innovative approach to empath education.

I believe that empaths are a preview of the future human. The telepathic and empathic abilities exhibited by empaths are just a small demonstration of our multi-dimensional and multi-sensory capabilities. It’s exciting to know that every minute we are mirroring or absorbing another being we are actually connecting to our amazing telepathic abilities. The 5D consciousness shift ushers in wholeness, energy awareness, and the unified field–the same consciousness empaths are immersed in now.

A Message from The Heart of the Mother: The Second Awakening for Empaths

Incubating and Integrating Higher Frequencies with Your Physical Consciousness

You are the New Human helping to create the New Earth! 

Your life will change dramatically this year. The Empaths Second Wave of Awakening aligns with the new light frequencies bathing the Earth from the galaxy’s center. You will make a positive impact on humanity. Your radiant truth, love, and wisdom will shine to the degree that you align authentically to the love within and around you.

Your path to a full, joyful life is opening now.  Over the last ten years, during the first wave of empathic awakening, you got to know yourself as an empath. You were in a troubled slumber, tossing and turning in your dreams, yearning to awaken and express your healing and wisdom.

You were incubating; in a gestational stage that allowed your heightened consciousness to integrate with your body. It’s not easy for the current physical consciousness to integrate with the higher frequencies; it’s much easier to do it in the womb of stillness, so you can’t resist the ascension.

I know it was not comfortable for you; the state of becoming means everything is unknown. You can’t know who you are becoming when you are in the middle of the transformative process.

You have been in a state of continuous spiritual growth as your body adjusted to Full Spectrum Consciousness. This process had to happen outside of the womb to receive the codes directly from Mother Earth and Father Sun. Your spiritual body followed along a planned timeline to coincide with the new paradigm consciousness of 2021.  It is your time to shine.

The Heart of the Mother is our Teacher and Guide

The Heart of the Mother provides the light, healing, and wisdom for the Enlightened Empath Training and embraces all participants in her heart. When we live in The Heart of the Mother, we live in the womb of creation; we know our source, have confidence in our roots and experience a creative and inspired life.

The Training Brings Together High-Frequency Attunements, Healing, Helpful Information, and Sacred Community

Special topics relating to understanding, embracing, and expressing your true empathic self. The teachings will be seeded within each participant through transmissions from the higher frequency consciousness activated in the sacred circle and cultivated through the monthly meditation practice recommended between sessions.

  • Connecting to Mother Earth and Father Sun.
  • Grounding and clearing.
  • Completing yourself: meeting and merging with your energy double.
  • Living as a grounded subtle energy being and normalizing telepathic communication.
  • Understanding your unique vibrational communication style.
  • Solidifying your core and developing a one-pointed focus to assure success.
  • Permitting yourself to heal, be whole, and be love.
  • Activating your boundaries through self-definition and energetic awareness.
  • Discovering your “Home” in the cosmos; connecting with your star family
  • Strengthening your boldness without sacrificing your receptivity.
  • Shedding the old identity of being “too sensitive”.
  • Learning the universal language of vibration and frequency.
  • Having your sensitivities work for you instead of against you.
  • Recognizing and connecting to your guides and inner guidance system.
  • Cultivating personal power and sovereignty.
  • Finding the courage to be you 100% of the time.

Newly Aligned Format for 2021: The Focus is on Ease and Joy

You’ve worked hard to overcome the challenges of your sensitive nature; now is the time for ease and joy. Learning how to relax into your being, to slip the overwhelm and stress off like a coat, will be a major focus of the training. Accomplished through subtle energy awareness you’ll learn to accept, embrace, and use your full-spectrum perception to your advantage. You’ll learn that you have natural boundaries, that you are exceptionally telepathic, and that your nervous system is very different and unique.

Consisting of six full days and

Enlightened Empath Training is grounded, subtle, and fluid. The core curriculum focuses on establishing a grounded connection to yourself and Mother Earth, Father Sky, and Unconditional Love. Also, the importance of community cannot be overstated.  Classmates, the nature spirits, elements, directions, light beings, and the cosmic realms form our community during the training.  The empath’s experience lies in the dimension of subtle energies and higher consciousness.  Why else do you find it so challenging to explain what you feel and know?

Empaths need training in subtle energy. The empath’s experience lies in the dimension of subtle energies and higher consciousness.  Why else do you find it so challenging to explain what you feel and know?  When you learn to direct your super senses consciously, you’ll love being an empath!

When we live in The Heart of the Mother, we live in the womb of creation; we know our source, have confidence in our roots and experience a creative and inspired life.

The Sacred Circle

Each time we meet, we activate the sacred circle. This ensures that each participant’s higher consciousness is present and contributing to the collective energy of the class. A field of alive and aware energy surrounds us and your light shines so brightly that even you can’t ignore it. Attuning with real-time guidance and high-frequency energies, each participant receives guidance in the form of light, frequency, and vibration from their higher being. The training will include meditations to support your emergence as a fully embodied multi-dimensional telepathic being. You will move beyond being highly absorptive to highly perceptive.

Maintaining a real-time alignment ensures you are open to your higher guidance and intuitive intelligence.  The power of the sacred circle is immense. I realize empaths often want to keep to themselves, but they also need community and support. We will start each class with a high-frequency sacred circle that will bring the entire group into harmony with Mother Earth, Father Sun, and the realms of Love and Light that unite us all. This ensures we maintain a safe, protective, harmonious, light protected space.

Empaths come into alignment with their true self when they are supported by the highest frequencies available. High-frequency energy is more important than food for empaths. Your essential nature, (yes, you do have an essential or true nature,) is enlivened and revealed when you are in alignment with the core cosmic energies that embrace us in the sacred circle. The source energies that animate life and consciousness are available to you when your awareness deepens and you meet the energies where they exist instead of demanding that they meet you in limited space and time.

Join me for a deeply transformative journey.  It is possible to be a powerful strong empath who helps impacts the world with their light, truth, and love.