2021 Retreat: The Power of the Sacred Circle: Aligning with New Earth Frequencies

A Virtual Retreat Guided by Sarah Weiss

The Sacred Circle…Aligning with New Earth Frequencies

October 22 – 24, 2021  Conducted over Zoom

The gateway to the unknown is open and it’s time to see what’s on the other side. The mysteries of consciousness are revealing themselves as quickly as we can get quiet and allow them to wondrously appear.  We don’t have to work at being more aware, expanded, or ascended because the magic wand has been waved and revelations are arising in every moment of stillness. 

According to indigenous and mystical traditions, the power of the world always works in circles and everything tries to be round. The sacred circle is the universal signature of the creator spirit that imbues us with life. When we gather together, grounded and centered, we have the opportunity to awaken and gain access to the greater sphere of life-giving consciousness that surrounds us. To the point, the sacred circle is a portal to access direct wisdom, healing, and truth. 

That dot at the center of a circle, what is it? It’s the doorway to the new earth.

The Sacred Circle Ceremony leads to revelation. It allows beings on multiple dimensions to gather and participate in high-frequency collaboration and cooperation for mutual benefit. When the Sacred Circle activates and harmonizes, the totality of all light and wisdom, known as the spirit of guidance, downloads an uplifting transmission for each participant to receive and absorb.

During this retreat, you’ll learn to recognize, listen to, experience, and receive energetic transmissions that align you with the new earth frequencies. Each moment in The Sacred Circle changes how you think and feel about yourself. Knowing yourself as a member of a multi-dimensional community aligned in cosmic harmony opens the door for a new life on the new earth.  The roots of your foundation will be planted in new earth soil and from these roots, the new you will emerge.

The New Earth

Do you feel like you are balancing on a ball that keeps moving beneath your feet? Our concept of the cosmos, planets, self-awareness, energetic dimensions, and all things consciousness are changing so swiftly we can barely hang on to our sanity.  It’s true that the new earth is here and we are playing catch up! We are learning to speak a new language that is based on higher frequencies. Aligning with the new earth is not about changing your looks, location, relationship, or profession; it’s about connecting to the new frequencies already vibrating within and establishing a new foundation of being. You are experiencing the new earth rumbling deep within; maybe that’s why everything feels so strange these days! The Awakening Together Retreat supports your emergence as a new earth being.

It’s not about clearing the old; focusing on your historical identity binds you to the past.  New earth spiritual approaches occur in the present time. It’s about opening to what is already there! Being present allows the new you to surface and simultaneously release the old–no more peeling the onion. The Sacred Circle exists throughout time and all dimensions.  We become new earth beings by showing up grounded in Mother Earth and Father Sky for The Sacred Circle. Then we lean into ease, allowing, receiving, and flowing. Your new earth identity is a state of cosmic flow;  rigidity and stagnancy created a constricted identity that had no room for soul consciousness.  The Feminine path is open to us now and your life will change dramatically when you balance the masculine and feminine together into a flowing sphere of being instead of relying on competing parts to give you a whole picture.

Power of Sacred Circle, Singing to the Soul PDF

Awakening Together

Awakening together is more powerful than trying to do it alone. Realistically, awakening is never a solo effort because we receive so much help from our relations in the domains of light and wisdom.  Wouldn’t you love to consciously collaborate with your fellow humans and those multi-dimensional beings who are invisible to you? These beings are waiting to join us; to reveal themselves within the sacred circle.


The good news is that the earth you want is now the earth that is here.

“Ease” is a keyword in the new paradigm. We are releasing the addiction to working really hard at everything.

For the first time in our lives, we cannot count on our past to predict the future because the new earth is emerging and we’ve never been here before! Counting on our sensitivity, presence, intuition, and frequency guides us when life reaches beyond the conditioned mind.

The New Earth has arrived and we can feel the excitement in our bones. It’s surfacing slowly, but we are shifting and ascending quickly so we are able to sense its presence and our place in it.

During this retreat, we sink into the deep silence, able to better understand the language of frequency, resonance, and vibration. Our current language falls short of expressing the new consciousness so we are positioned to learn the new language that puts energy first. We are learning a new way to see and engage with ourselves and the world.  What was once known as subtle energies will become commonly acknowledged and sensed by all.

Why a Retreat is Necessary

We need retreats to cleanse all that covers the beauty of our soul. Our physical and subtle senses are dulled by the build-up of toxic thoughts and feelings. Personal, societal, and planetary confusion and illusion darken our minds, bodies, and emotions to the point where nothing is bright and clear. When our senses are dulled, our ability to sense, intuit and know the subtle world of spirit is dulled too. You can’t believe life is beautiful because the film covering your senses tells you it is dark and dingy. Retreats let light in so the soul can shine.

Interesting Note: Astrology for Late October Shines a Light on the Retreat

The other exciting event for October of 2021 is Mercury and Jupiter turning direct around the same time, late on October 17th and early on the 18th. Mercury, as I have mentioned, is the ability to understand and to perceive the world around us. Jupiter is the wisdom to understand why things happen as they do. Together, a higher state of mind, a higher frequency is attainable.
Astrologer Glen Arthur Kaufmann

We Are Instruments in Need of Divine Tuning

Ideally, we need tuning up at every Solstice and Equinox and a yearly retreat to keep us aligned, flowing, and clear. It is especially important now as the frequencies are shifting daily!

Retreat Fee $450    Registration Deadline: October 14, 2021
Date/Time   Friday, 10/22: 7 – 9 PM, 10/23 &10/24: 10AM – 5PM  Eastern Time

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