2021 Retreat: In Holy Territory: Dancing with Your Divinity

2021 Virtual Zoom Retreat with Sarah Weiss

A little holy ecstasy would be nice right now!

It’s been a long time since joy, ease, and holy ecstasy were part of our lives. We need an update and an upgrade!

Our definition of joy and ease may be different now. Hmm, deeper perhaps, more valued? 2020 stripped us to the bone. The energies of 2021 log us into new territory; holy territory. The upcoming retreat is an opportunity to dance with your divine partner.

The matrix has changed and we need to journey to the depths of our soul to reset and realign our body, heart, and mind. High-frequency energies surging from the galaxy center are flooding us with wordless wisdom meant to be decoded by our cells. We are on the threshold of becoming the embodiment of the divine.

It’s amazing to me that we can participate in a virtual retreat that is as powerful as an in-person retreat. Our ability to relate enegetically provides a unity experience beyond space and time, literally.  In the loving arms of the great illuminated souls who guide and protect us, we are able to connect with our wisdom, love, and light.

I’m still in the glow of this retreat experience, and am determined to make this the NEW normal! Taking tiny baby steps into life, I return to the image of my Being blended with the Great Merkaba and renew the perspective I wish to have from here on out. Blessings and gratitude to Sarah, all of you and to the Ascended Masters who guide our Sacred Circle –SR

These 2021 frequencies are new; humanity as a whole has never experienced this particular constellation and configuration before. Mother Earth and Father Sun have opened a new portal impacting all sentient beings. Our consciousness is silently, yet powerfully, being taught by the unseen light that illumines the divine within, to expand into the dimension of love, joy, and ease.

I am in deep love & gratitude for such an opportunity to explore sacred retreat within home space, to be with all of you now in an expansive light frequency. –CN

In Holy Territory: Dancing with Your Divinity

Work. Work. Work. We are moving out of the frequency of “work” and into the frequency of joy. The joy that rises from infinite love, the joy that makes the world spin and spiral in the dance of the cosmos has been gestating in our hearts and waiting for the right moment to appear. The river of joy, love, and ease takes us to our next evolution of being.

Is it easy to shift from the “work” vibration to joy? Can you feel the joy in your cells? The shift will take some unlearning of old habits and the releasing of old identities. Retreats are a wonderful way to free yourself of the past and enter into the present. When we reside in joy, ease, and love, we exist in Holy Territory and move through life Dancing with the Divine.

Over the course of three days, we are uplifted into the new consciousness. Our body, heart, and mind, have the opportunity to experience the new frequencies consciously. Your being is recalibrated and has a new reference point and settings for a new ground of being.

Our bodies are usually the last to shift, they are more solid, less fluid. But once your cellular consciousness experiences the new frequencies they will let go of their old fatigue and sluggishness and relish the new resilient flow. Dance into the arms of the divine and held in a loving embrace.

Why a Retreat is Necessary

We need retreats to cleanse all that covers the beauty of our soul. Our physical and subtle senses are dulled by the build-up of toxic thoughts and feelings. Personal, societal, and planetary confusion and illusion darken our minds, bodies, and emotions to the point where nothing is bright and clear. When our senses are dulled our ability to sense, intuit, and know the subtle world of spirit is dulled too. You can’t believe life is beautiful because the film covering your senses is telling you it is dark and dingy. Retreats let light in so the soul can shine.

We Are Instruments of the Divine in Need of Tuning

Ideally, we need tuning up at every Solstice and Equinox. Set the flow for 2021 by aligning with the new frequencies in a deep, thoughtful way.

The first SpiritHeal retreat of 2021 attunes us to the new earth and the new you.

Daily Schedule

Here is what the daily schedule looks like:  Friday and Saturday:  10 AM – 12:30 PM, 2:30 – 5 PM, 7:30 – 8:30 PM, Sunday ends at 5 PM.  There is time for rest and integration between sessions.

As I settle in I can feel the power of our circle calling to go within. I am finding the ‘loudness‘ of the world outside as intolerable while the transition to stillness takes place.–LP

Date  January 29 -31, 2021   10 AM – 9 PM  Eastern

Fee   $550

Registration Deadline  January 24, 2021

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