2022 Co-Creating with the Conscious Universe: Aligning with the Forces of Creation

Awakening Together Series 2022       A-Zoom online mystical experience.

When you align with the forces of creation, you become a creative force!

We are so much greater than we ever imagined!  We are multi-dimensional, conscious, loving, and whole, and the universe is too! How do we not know this? What veil has covered our awareness that we separate ourselves from the creative forces of life?

The minute you reunite with the creative forces, you become a co-creator with the conscious universe. You are led to a state of union with all creation. Once union commences, separation dissolves.  You shift from the created to the creator.

In this six-week transmission, Mother Earth, Father Sun, nature spirits, the sacred elements and directions download transformational energy to our sacred circle.  With their guidance, we can clear the veil of ignorance and reunite with the creative forces of wisdom, power, and love.

As with all SpiritHeal courses, you are being offered a direct experience of your divine nature. Each class begins with activating the sacred circle, communion with Mother Earth, Father Sun, nature spirits, elements, directions, and the spirit of guidance. This ensures a safe and protected environment where expansion occurs naturally and in harmony with your personal ascension path. As your guide, I bring the group into harmony, activate the sacred circle, answer questions, give verbal direction and translate the teachings received into words that help you understand your direct mystical experience. You are encouraged to own your unique experience and grow it from within. The high-frequency energies are yours to receive and integrate with love, patience, and self-respect. You are the garden, the gardener, and the fruit of your divine roots.

Who will benefit from this course? Those who…

  • crave more from life and sense a mystical experience is just a breath away.
  • to experience wholeness, oneness, and the light of creation.
  • want to experience the profound power of a sacred circle.
  • who wish to have a direct experience of their soul merged with the cosmic soul.
  • want to learn to trust their inner voice and be released from the mass spell cast over humanity.
  • are sensitive souls and empaths learning to embody their multi-dimensional consciousness.

If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is: infinite, for man has closed himself up until he sees things through the narrow chunks of his cavern.  William Blake

Recordings of all sessions and support materials will be found on the class page, only accessible by participants in this course.

You are invited to join our sacred circle, learn to co-create with the conscious universe, and become a force of creation!

Eagle Spirit Power

The New Earth is Forming Beneath Our Feet


Registration Information

Dates and Time:   September 12, 19, 26, October 3, 10, 17, 2022.   8 – 9:15 PM  (Eastern Daylight Time)

Fee:  $275

Please register by: September 8, 2022

Your registration will be confirmed once you purchase the class.  If you cannot attend in real time, you may still participate by accessing the course materials and recordings on the class page.  The energy is transmitted through the recordings, and you will receive the full benefit of the sacred circle teachings. Detailed zoom information, class page password, and further information will be sent via email by September 10, 2022.

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