2022 From Material to Ethereal: Who You Were is Not Who You Are

All are welcome to register for the next transformative session of the 2022 Awakening Together Series.

From Material to Ethereal: Who You Were is Not Who You Are advances our consciousness to the emerging planetary ascension. In no way can you continue to think of yourself as “just physical.” It’s not OK to limit your identity to the densest version of yourself.

Is Buddha portrayed as just a physical being? No, the physical is represented as embedded in ethereal dimensions. Mother Earth is taking us on the journey of a lifetime, into the heart of her being, where we exist as immortals just like the masters, saints, and prophets. She is preparing us to know and integrate our ethereal identity with our physical identity.

Notice the beings surrounding the medicine buddha in this beautiful sacred art. (more images) Like Buddha, you are a constellation of consciousness within the Totality. Let’s get to know our multi-dimensional being together. It is time. The teachings are unfolding within you and we need time, space, and ceremony to understand the transmissions activating higher-frequency wisdom. Each week, when we enter The Sacred Circle, we become participants in our unfolding.  And this is as it should be, we are not passive, going along for the ride; we are souls who gathered to help shape the new age and the new earth.

Vibrational to Relational

When we gather in The Sacred Circle portals open, and we are transported into the ethereal realms to collaborate and commune with our light beings. This is where we discover our expanded selves and join with the collective power of awakening souls who are reformatting and elevating human consciousness.  You are most welcome to join this remarkable spiritual experience.

Summer Solstice Attunement

The summer solstice falls on June 21, 2022 so the solstice attunement is included in this class.

From Material to Ethereal is for those who…

  • Are ready to live an expanded life.
  • Follow their heart beyond the conditioned mind.
  • Want to explore the power and scope of their light being.
  • Experience spiritual community in a sacred circle.
  • Be embraced by Mother Earth and Father Sky
    and the Love that surrounds us all.
  • Know that vibes speak louder than words.

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