2022 High-Frequency Living in Low-Frequency Times

It’s ridiculous to work so hard at loving yourself.  Aren’t you done with self-loathing?  Why isn’t your higher being your everyday being? When did “work” replace “ease”?

Something has gone terribly wrong in the universe.

—High-Frequency Living

High-frequency living is our natural state; low-frequency living is not. I’m blunt, I know, but unless someone says the emperor is not wearing any clothes, we’ll never be free from life-destroying illusions. This class is about solid grounding and centering in your high-frequency, naturally light-filled, wisdom-guided being.

The New Earth is carrying us on a wave towards a new human experience. From the New Earth perspective, we belong to a cosmic community that includes non-physical beings who have been out of our perceptual range until now. Vibration, light, and frequency are the common languages which we are learning and will soon speak fluently.  This class is like spending “a year abroad”, to be exposed to new ways of living and being!

—Why is it Always a Catch-Up Game?

Man without smiling face should not open a shop. – Chinese Proverb

The word that defines our culture is…..WORK.  We think we must work at everything and work to succeed. This hypnotic spell does not have a good ending. You can’t work at breaking the spell while controlled by the spell. Instead, the spell is broken when you drop into the space of wholeness within. Once there your inner smile awakens.  This takes fewer words and more light.

—What is the “Way of Ease?”

Ease is best described by Taoist Li Tao-Ch’un:

Openness is the image of Heaven.
Calm is the image of Earth.
When open, one accepts all.
When calm, one perceives all.
When open, one can accept people.
When calm, one can deal with events.
When openness and calm are practiced for a long time, Our heart is clear.
Open acceptance and calm is how Sages achieved the Tao of Heaven and Earth.
-The Book of Balance and Harmony, Li Tao-ch’un,12th cen.

—What is Generous Power?

Where does the power come from to energize and stabilize a new way of living? It takes teachings rooted in indigenous Mother Earth medicine wisdom and generous power to shift an entire body/mind complex. As the world turns, so do we, but are we aware of the adjustments needed to keep up with our inner alignment and do we have the power to do it?  Each week when we gather in sacred circle, we become aware of the deeper experience, the one below the surface, and then harmonize with our spiritual instead of conditioned nature. The sacred circle generates generous power for the benefit of all.

—Awakening Together: Co-Creating with the Conscious Universe

This class is part of the SpiritHeal Institute series: Awakening Together: Co-Creating with the Conscious Universe. When we clear, ground, and gather in the sacred circle everyone benefits from the collective light of our souls and co-creating with the conscious universe. High-Frequency Living in Low-Frequency Times: The Support You Need, offers a supportive community and vibrational environment that lifts you above the denseness of the earth into your true being.

We are creative participants in the wave of The New Earth sweeping the planet. Mother Earth is on board and so is Father Sky. Won’t you join us? As with all SpiritHeal Institute classes, the focus is on transmission and energetic experience instead of mental gyrations. By the end of the class, you will be transformed by the daily meditation practices that reveal and naturally attune you to the way of ease.

In addition to the powerful class experience, you will have access to the class recordings and the ability to share with other sacred circle participants on the private class page.

This program is conducted virtually through Zoom. You will receive complete information upon registration.

Dates: 6 classes, February 28, March 7, 14, 21, 28, April 4, 2022    8 – 9:15 PM (Eastern Time)

Registration Closure: February 21, 2022

Fee:  $275

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