2022: Multi-Dimensional Relationships: Earth, Sky, Light Beings, and Beyond!

Relationships….this is a big one!

Whether a friend, lover, alien (sometimes confused with a lover), light being, or your higher being, relationships are confusing.  We will start with our relationship with ourselves because that’s where it all begins and then move on to New Earth relationships based on the “energy first” model. New models for relationships are emerging and we are in the throes of releasing the old and trusting that something really inspiring will emerge to give us a firm foundation for building multi-dimensional relationships.

Old Paradigm Relationships

We can’t move forward without scrubbing the old paradigm relationship programs from our field. 3D relationships reflect the threads of manipulation, self-loathing, control, dependency, competitiveness, insecurity, scarcity, and immature expectations that permeate Western culture.  Relationships in 3D lacked the power and sustenance of Mother Earth and Father Sky. With the help of The Sacred Circle, we will shed old patterns of one-dimensional relationships and learn how to develop relationships that resonate with multi-dimensional living.

There Are So Many Beautiful Relationships to Experience

Of all the beautiful relationships possible, a loving relationship with yourself is the most amazing. When immersed in love the doors of your heart open to reveal a multiverse of beings who you can begin to call “family.”  From friends on earth to those who exist in heavenly realms, a circle of high-frequency loving beings who support you and respond when called will begin to appear in your life and in your consciousness.  Some of your new friends will have earthly bodies and some will have bodies you can’t imagine; some will be made of light and others will be pure frequency. I assure you this is all possible once you are grounded in love.

Muster Your Courage!

Be willing to leap into expanded consciousness and believe what you see and feel. The same qualities and skills that cultivate successful earth friendships apply to your friends in the subtle realms. Making friends with Mother Earth, Father Sky, the elements, the directions, your guides, and your higher being, develops a model for your relationships. Developing confidence in your expanded perception creates understanding, acceptance, and clarity on all dimensions. You’ll become less reactive and needy, and instead will respect and value your needs, desires, and level of commitment.  Also, the relationship’s purpose is mutually recognized which eliminates the negative games so currently prevalent. Yes, there are always choices regarding levels of commitment and frequency in all relationships on all dimensions!

Transparency has many meanings in this class. Some of your new relationships may be transparent, perceptible only to your heart and soul.  Transparency exists in energy-first relationships because telepathy is the first form of communication. New Earth relationships are a form of communion and encircled by unity.

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Dates, Time, Registration Info

April 18, 25, May 2, 9, 16, 23, 2022

8 – 9:15 PM  Eastern Daylight Time

Offering: $275    Registration closes April 14, 2022

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