2022 The Crystalline Matrix, The New Earth, and You

Awakening Together: The Crystalline Matrix, The New Earth, and You

Humans are quickly shifting paradigms and everything about us, our body, identity, and spiritual matrix is transforming in the present time. We are living through a rare, unique, and valuable ascension experience and we need to adjust or let go of everything we know as normal. We are on a huge ride where the conductors are Mother Earth, Father Sun, and the Loving Cosmos.

During this class, we will tune in to our crystalline matrix. This matrix is a living, vibrating, radiant, and intelligent liquid crystal that informs who we are. Think of it as a pattern created by your soul to inform the structure of your being; like a stencil but much more alive and dimensional! It is also a portal to other dimensions. It is a station, a doorway, and a map of consciousness.

The words describing this dimension of our consciousness are difficult to find because they are rarely spoken or taught verbally. The way to know this is through attunement to the greater stillness within and by contemplating symbols such as these. A true spiritual symbol reveals its meaning to those who spend time living with it.  Or the symbol calls you to it; when you see it and it intrigues you. Once you connect with your crystalline matrix mysteries are revealed that support your ascension.

Each class is held in a sacred circle where all participants are brought into resonance with higher-frequency teachings aligned with Mother Earth, Father Sun, and Cosmic Light and Wisdom. Each Participant receives an empowerment according to their heart and soul and receives the teachings through transmission and teachings.

The Crystalline Matrix, The New Earth and You meets for six weekly sessions beginning November 7, 2022.   All sessions are recorded and available for download.  See registration details.

Registration Information

This is your invitation to an expansive experience!

November 7, 14, 21, 28, December 5, 12, 2022,   8 – 9: 15 PM  (Eastern Time)

Fee: $275

If the time is inconvenient, you may still take the class by listening to the recordings and participating in the class discussion through the comments section on the class page.


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