2022 Winter Solstice Attunement

The message for 2023:   Start living a vibrational life!

We are being called to attune to the cause behind the cause, the vibrational source of life. Beginning with the solstice transmission, our ability to integrate subtle energies in our lives will be enhanced and change our entire approach to life.

We will gather for a solstice meditation, attuning together to align with the fresh energies brought by the loving union of Mother Earth and Father Sun. We live in the heart of Mother Earth and Father Sun, so we participate in this holy moment whether we are aware of it or not.

The Solstice is a time of awakening, a portal to a reset of mind, body, and spirit. Mother Earth and Father Sun’s love radiate powerfully, lifting us beyond the material to communicate directly with the community of light beings aligned with the cosmic flow. We can refresh and renew, aligning ourselves more clearly with the celestial directives that spark love, wisdom, and beauty. The solstice offers a chance to release the toxicity that gathers through struggle and clear our inner sight of all that obstructs the heart and soul connection. The potential of creating a new light body to carry us through the next life cycle is offered during the Solstice portal. It is an exciting and rare opportunity.

The moment of the solstice is at 4:48 that day, but we will still be under the influence when we meet at 8 PM that evening.  Please be seated comfortably with your feet touching the floor and in a quiet place. This ceremony is performed in a sacred circle where all participants will harmonize as One, so it is important to be grounded and still when you enter the ceremonial space. Call the zoom line a few minutes before 8 PM Eastern time. You will be put on mute when you enter the call, and the call will activate at 8 PM. This is an audio call, so set your zoom for audio.

Winter Solstice Attunement Recording