2023 Retreat: Renewing and Empowering Your Light Body

—A Zoom Retreat—

Renewing and Empowering Your Light Body

Shine and Smile Again!

Your light body is the source of radiance, love, wisdom, and the portal to your divinity. How often do you nurture your light body or renew the energies of your more subtle and sensitive being?

The forces of transformation have been so powerful over the past year that taking time to recenter through a two-day retreat reinvigorates your light and life. Renewing and Empowering Your Light Body is a guided meditative retreat focusing on inner nourishment and connection to the multi-dimensional realms of light beings and wisdom teachings so necessary for a soul-aligned life. Your light body needs high-frequency attunements through retreats and daily practices to be a clear channel for illumination. Taking the time to enter the depths of your being on a retreat develops the necessary inner resources to respond and follow your calling during these transitional times. 

Sacred Space

We will spend two days in a sacred space where toxic fear and resistance can be released and recycled into fiery power by Mother Earth and Father Sun. They are among the guides you will encounter on this journey. You will be sanctified, strengthened, and aligned by meeting your true self in a space supported by the blessed elements, nature spirits, and directions. Sacred space will hold you, making you feel safe to journey beyond resistance and fear.

Awakening, Allowing and Aligning with Your Light Frequencies

A retreat is a process of leaving disconnection behind and connecting to all that truly serves you. The Renewing and Empowering Your Light Body takes you into the world of living energies, where you shed cultural conditioning, limiting beliefs, and illusions to reveal the promise of life on earth. Living energies, sourced from Mother Earth and Father Sun, guide you towards balance and vibrance. Our current life is characterized by exhaustion, confusion, and self-loathing; this retreat allows you to awaken and align with the infinite energies that fill your life with soul.

A Universal Feminine Approach 

Rather than expending precious energy straining to reach for happiness, peace, and joy, the feminine approach starts with releasing and allowing. But you can’t release something without replacing it, and in this retreat, we replace draining thoughts, pain, and feelings with infinite, abundant love. It is a special type of love you might not be familiar with.  Love from living energies is a stream of passion, wisdom, and grace, potentially fulfilling your spiritual yearning through embodiment instead of despite it. Imagine a flower blossoming; the energy sourcing the beautiful bloom is its light body. Your light body, when renewed and empowered, sources your blossoming too.

Walk to the well.
Turn as the earth and the moon turn,
circling what they love.
Whatever circles comes from the center.—Rumi

The Sacred Circle

The Sacred Circle is the primary modality of SpiritHeal Institute retreats. The group grounds and connects with Mother Earth, Father Sun, the nature spirits, elements, and directions to generate a toroidal flow that shifts the group into a harmonious and light-filled state. Then each participant’s higher being becomes available to guide your retreat. I guide the discussions, meditations, and energy work and am always present, but if you are called to spend time in your sacred space, you are encouraged to do so.


Powerful transformation requires preparation. Your higher being is excited to meet with you consciously. Your retreat starts the moment you register. Pay attention to the situations, thoughts, and feelings that arise and ask for guidance to meet these in a new and fresh way. Surprises await when your soul knows you intend to go deep. It is also good to complete unfinished business; you wouldn’t want it nagging at you during the retreat!

This is a Zoom retreat, so you will be in your own space and connecting via computer, pad, or tablet. A week before the retreat, suggestions for setting up your space, creating an altar, and letting others know you are on retreat and do not want to be disturbed. Though we end at 5 PM on Saturday, you should use the evening for relaxing, journaling, and staying connected to sacred space!

Recordings and Supplemental Materials Included

Participants will have access to a page on the SpiritHeal Institute website to access and download the retreat recordings and supplemental materials and share comments.

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Dates: April 22 & 23, 2023

Times:  April 22: 10 AM – 5 PM     April 23: 10 AM – 4 PM Eastern Time

Empowering Your Light Being Retreat: $450

Please register by April 15.

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