2023 Accessing Transformational Forces Through the Toroidal Field

The SpiritHeal 2023 Vibrational Life Series
Accessing Transformational Forces Through the Toroidal Field

Starting January 16, 2023!

2023 is the year of aligning your personal identity with your cosmic identity. If you feel like your life continually swirls and shifts, you are in tune with the ascension energies flooding our consciousness. You should feel different daily; the shifts are continuous now, so try to feel comfortable being carried by the cosmic flow! The emphasis has been placing power outside us, to saints, masters, presidents, spiritual teachers, clergy, and the famous. Through the cosmic events of the past years, the focus is shifting to empowerment within, where true transformation begins. Spiritual teachings have always emphasized everyone’s ability to access higher power, love, and guidance; now is the time to actualize these teachings!

We each have a light that beckons us, calling us to unpack the spiritual purpose of life. Just as a seed has a plan for the entire plant, our spirit seed is coded with the plan for our lives. One way to nourish our spirit seeds is to learn how to activate our toroidal field.

Toroidal fields are the foundation of life, energy, and intelligence. Galaxies, planets, plants, animals, microbes, atoms, and people exist within a torus flow that connects to the universal source and transduces it to sustain our electromagnetic life field. The secret of self-healing and transformation comes down to tuning into your toroidal consciousness and experiencing this universal life energy’s cleansing, elevating, and self-revealing infinite flow. The toroidal configuration is in constant motion, refreshing and enlivening your chakras and consciousness. Your toroidal flow is the key to self-realization as your path unfolds from within, aligning with your spirit seed.

Toroidal consciousness is a portal to even deeper mysteries of consciousness that are not dependent upon external gatekeepers. The toroidal flow takes you to your inner gatekeepers and helps release limitations preventing you from living in the expanded realms of the New Earth. You will also engage with your higher consciousness, learning about grace, relationships with beings from the unseen realms, and non-verbal communication with the cosmos!

The class focus will be on the details of accessing the toroidal flow, which will be a unique experience for each person.  We grow from within and do not need to compare ourselves with anyone else. Does a flower look at another flower and wonder, am I as beautiful and healthy as you?  Each participant experiences this flow according to their nature, so there will be an emphasis on accepting and embracing your unique personal experience. As each participant allows the flow to open, even just a little, the sacred circle awakens, and all at once, we are immersed in a deep transformational mystical experience!

Access to the class recordings, communication with other participants, and additional resources will be available on the class page.

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Dates: January 16, 23, 30, February 6, 13, 27, 2023, 8-9:15 PM Eastern

Registration Deadline: January 11, 2023

Registration: $288


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