2023 Fall Equinox Ceremony…..The Unknown and Unseen Beckon to Be Known and Seen

September 22, 2023   7:30 – 9:30 PM Eastern Daylight Time

The Fall Equinox summons us beyond the personal to the cosmic. How easily we forget that we live in a greater sphere of consciousness, where grace and wisdom are available to help guide us daily.

When the Equinox occurs, the veils to the grander unseen open, making this greater perspective available. Taking time to attune to that which escapes our attention brings many benefits. Among those benefits are well-being, peace, belonging, all-pervading love and wisdom, and wholeness. It’s an opportunity to return to your true self, realign, and reset for the next quarter. Businesses and corporations take time to assess their activity quarterly, why shouldn’t you?

The Ceremony takes place in the Sacred Circle created by the higher consciousness drawing us together as One.  A direct connection to the unseen opens and we discover new dimensions of being that have been whispering to our hearts, calling us to fulfill our vision of wholeness. Connecting to the forces of creation takes us to the source of our individual creation. Communion with your higher being connects to Source Being and Universal Intelligence. If you have burning life questions, a ceremony brings you face-to-face with the answers.

If you want to maximize the transformational energies of this Fall Equinox, spend time preparing before the ceremony. Ideally, you stay tuned to the call of the Equinox, beginning with the previous Solstice. Cycles are nature’s way of spinning and spiraling us to our potential, giving us chance after chance to grow into our higher being. The force is truly with us!

Living in harmony with the cosmic forces helps us understand human experience. A few days before the ceremony, spend more time in silence, with nature, in gratitude, and in communication with yourself. Give yourself the gift of listening to your body, feeling your emotions, and clearing your mind. Attention to making the sacred more important than the material helps to better resonate with the Equinox frequencies.

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September 22, 2023   7:30 – 9:30 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Offering: $18   (Try resonating with the abundance frequency of the number “18” when you register!)

Registration Deadline:  September 20, 2023

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