2023 Restoring Natural Balance, Wisdom and Grace Through the Toroidal Field

Imagine a spinning top. It’s magical and mysterious! Next, imagine a whirling dervish, spinning in perfect balance into the silent vortex of the subtle energy channel along the spine. The spinning motion is the key; it creates a toroidal energy field beyond polarity and is considered by scientists and mystics to be the most foundational pattern of energy flow in the universe. It can be used to model how energy moves in its most balanced dynamic process. Toroidal fields are everywhere, from hurricanes to tornadoes to magnetic fields around stars and other celestial bodies, including humans.

Natural balance occurs when opposites are replaced with a reciprocal flow that continuously recycles. Our culture has been stuck in the idea of opposites for thousands of years, specifically from the dawn of modern materialistic science. God is up, down is bad, one way is right, and life is seen as black and white; there is no place to go when the choices are absolute. With its horizontal and vertical fields spinning into wholeness, the toroidal field presents a continuous self-nourishing and replenishing flow model.

Restoring natural balance, wisdom, and grace is possible when you learn to center within your toroidal field. It is the matrix from which life emerges, supporting the framework for your entire physical and subtle energy form and consciousness. And the most amazing and interesting fact is that once you learn how to center in your toroidal field, it becomes your teacher. This pure universal consciousness within guides your life and ensures your soul has a say!

Scientists and Mystics Agree

The Toroidal Field is a measurable energy source, medicine, consciousness, destination, teacher, and gateway to pure spirit. It is the way of Mother Earth and Father Sun and the way of the illuminated beings.

Φ As a measurable energy source, the electromagnetic field generated by the torus sources life and is the foundation for Tesla’s “free energy” from the earth herself.

Φ As a medicine, it is the original vital life force for all creation. Centered within its flow, you are bathed in healing energies.

Φ As consciousness, it is your expanded self in pure vibrational form.

Φ As a destination, it is the path to your life purpose.

Φ As a teacher, it centers you on your soul path.

Φ And it is a gateway to both personal and cosmic love.

Significantly, the toroidal field is a reality to both scientists and mystics. There has been a prediction floating around new age circles for many years that when scientists and mystics agree on the nature of reality, humanity will enter its next ascension. I heard this 40 years ago from Sufi Mystic Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan, who engaged in elevated dialogues with the greatest scientists of his time. Many spiritual teachers carried this message from the East to the West, seeding the ascension we are experiencing today.

We live in rapidly expanding times, which is no secret, but there is a lot to learn about riding the waves of the new frequencies powering our consciousness and creating the space for a new human to emerge. Exploring your toroidal field will help restore your life’s natural balance, wisdom, and grace during this intense transitional period.

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