2023 Vibrational Living: Navigating the Vibrational World in Everyday Life

Our exploration of 5th-dimensional living, based on telepathy, empathy, vibration, and frequency, continues with a focus on living connected to and grounded in our higher being.

We will open a discovery into:

  • Why the mysteries of consciousness are being revealed now, and the hope it brings to our weary hearts.
  • How to navigate and trust the invisible world of telepathic and empathic “knowing.”
  • Discovering your new identity which may include your star heritage, past life influences, and the vast wisdom base opening in your heart.
  • Understanding the gift of kundalini and why it is important to open to the cosmic feminine files saved in your own human body.
  • How deep grounding in the toroidal flow and Merkaba consciousness generates the new cycle of higher civilization.

Transmission and Guidance Channeled Through the Sacred Circle

This class is experiential, not academic. Each week, participants are transformed by transmission and attunement.  A sacred circle is activated and grounded in the love of Mother Earth and Father Sun, where your higher being, light, and love, convene with others to generate the field beyond judgement and polarity. It is your right to receive the energies and allow them to release old loops of trauma, awaken inner knowing, and be blessed by the mysteries of love until you become the living embodiment of powerful, life-changing Love.

Registration Information

Vibrational Living: Navigating the Vibrational World in Everyday Life
November 6, 13, 20, 27, December 4, 11, 2023,  8- 9:15 PM

Fee: $288

Please register by: November 1, 2023

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