2024 Healing the Trauma of a Life Reduced to 3D Materialism

Limiting the scope of human consciousness to a polarized, single dimension is traumatizing. When we are diverted from accessing sacred dimensions, intuitive wisdom, our community of light beings, and the multi-dimensional wonders of the human body, 3D materialism reduces life to a meaningless void.

We need meaning; meaning is sacred. Meaning fills our hearts with passion for life, but that passion is squashed under the weight of materialistic pressure. We believe we are not good enough, that our choices are limited, our bodies are a burden, and that conflict, not collaboration, are natural. This is why we have wisdom traditions…spiritual teachings that lift us above the void of reductionism into the spheres of deep understanding and connection to our greater identity.

Having lived through thousands of years of encroaching 3D materialism to the point where it has strangled the human spirit, we are taking the first steps toward revealing the treasures of human consciousness. This is the promise of the New Age, the Aquarian spirit, and the evolution of humanity. Trauma casts a shadow over our true selves, dimming our precious light. Let’s attend to healing the collective and personal trauma by dissolving the shadow with the support of our higher, lighter selves and the sacred sphere of luminous beings that help us heal. In this six session class transmissions for dissolving of the following limiting conditions will be activated.

Duality, Coded for Conflict: When your choices are black and white, always in conflict, how do you connect to the continuum and flow of the subtle realms? How do you view yourself and others when your choices are either good or bad? Duality, reduced to its lowest form, propagates toxic judgment, self-loathing, and devaluation of the human spirit. Where are the teachings that support cooperation and collaboration and the evolution towards higher frequency awareness? Mother Earth teaches “wholeness,” not fragmentation and objectification, as we have been taught to believe, otherwise why would Mother Earth be round?

The I’m Not Good Enough Code: Coding this fundamental falsehood into your body and being is a primary trauma of 3D materialism. When life is reduced to one-dimension, there is never enough. We know there is more to us; we can sense and feel that “out there” is a part of us that will somehow complete us and make us feel whole. Then we will be enough. But if we are limited to one dimension, we’ll never feel enough. We need the connection to Mother Earth, Father Sun, the cosmos, and the expanded dimensions of our being to access the inner resources that provide a loving container for the transformative experience life is meant to be.

Life is a Burden Code:  How can we feel well and passionate when we carry the burden of original sin, bad karma, and the belief that life is a struggle? Reduced to an object to be dragged around, our bodies are subjected to the most scathing criticism that produces a self-loathing that undermines joy, health, and exaltation. We’ve been hypnotized into believing that life’s struggles are normal and are to be born with dignity….forever, so it seems. Again, separation from our higher consciousness, which we are told, is just out of reach, somewhere beyond this world, is an insulting trauma to our brilliance. The light of higher consciousness is within, not out there somewhere and is available once the veil is pulled away.

Birth and Death Trauma Code: Birth and death are a continuum of consciousness that has had no place in the materialistic paradigm. Birth and death trauma follow us through life; the terror never ceases, always behind the scenes. How would your life change if you knew death was not the end and birth was not the beginning?

Cash Value = Self Value Code: Does your identity depend upon your financial status? You cannot be reduced to the amount of cash in hand. The cultural coding of self-value as cash value is absurd. We are co-creators of life, in collaboration with multiple dimensions of our being, and without knowledge of our dimensionality, we are reduced to pennies on the dollar. It’s time to see how absurd this is and be free from this artificial construct.

Separation from Mother Earth and the Sacred Feminine Code: There is no reason to be human without connection to the Sacred Feminine and Mother Earth and your physical consciousness. Why incarnate on earth if you can’t receive the teachings she has to offer? Connecting with Mother Earth connects you to the cosmic memories and the sacred coded within you. She is the key to life; separation from HER is the greatest trauma.

The Sacred Circle

This class is experiential, not academic. Each week, participants are transformed by transmission and attunement.  A sacred circle is activated and grounded in the love of Mother Earth and Father Sun, where your higher being, light, and love convene to generate the field beyond judgment and polarity. It is your right to receive the energies and allow them to release old loops of trauma, awaken inner knowing, and be blessed by the mystery until you become the living embodiment of powerful, life-changing Love.

Healing the Trauma of a Life Reduced to 3D Materialism
January 8, (skip 1/15), 22, 29, February 5, 12, 19, 2024,  8 – 9:15 PM Eastern

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