2024 Spring Retreat: Sacred Mission: Tending the Tree of Life 

Your sacred mission is to tend the inner tree of life. 

It is your portal to the sacred and the creative forces that shape your life.

Tending the Tree of Life focuses on the sacred you and the continuous flow of the Oneness becoming you.

Each of us is the tree of life. You are the oak, I am the pine, but we are both responding to the same life force and universal consciousness. The Tree of Life provides a lens through which to organize our evolutionary growth and expansion informed by Oneness.

Your Tree of Life is the portal to living lighter!

Recognizing and experiencing the flow of the tree of life as your true being is an ongoing process guided by forces so powerful, loving, and profound that it gives us no choice but to go with the flow instead of against it. We must learn to trust the creation forces of Mother Earth and Father Sun to guide us as the tiniest blade of grass does.


Source Your Vitality, Live Your Enlightenment

The Tree of Life appears in many cultures, religions, and mythologies. It represents the source of life, the connection between all living things,  a source of wisdom, healing, and fertility, and the cycle of life and death.

It is the symbol of the creative forces that ignite the seed of life, guiding your growth from infancy to maturity. Our consciousness has “seeds” that, when activated, initiate a sequence of life events leading to our spiritual maturity.

By learning to tend your Tree of Life, we align with the wisdom of the loving universal life force and grow more gracefully, with less resistance, into our wholeness.


Unleash an Explosion of Courage

The Tending of the Tree of Life Retreat unleashes the explosion of courage to be true to yourself, to focus passionately, with unwavering intent, on your freedom to grow perfectly aligned to your divine design, This retreat provides the opportunity to feel the support of the natural forces that grow a human being into a beautiful expression of Source. We will cleanse the history of limitation and rewrite our life story through a cosmic lens, restoring sovereignty and delight!

The infinite is more accessible now. Our perceptual spectrum is broadening. What was beyond our understanding is now within our reach, and what was unseen is now seen. The Tending the Tree of Life Retreat makes space for your senses to adjust to their new capacities and a living lighter experience.


Satisfy Your Curiosity About Your True Self

You are invited to satisfy your curiosity concerning your true self and evolutionary process.

As you move through the retreat, you will learn how to tend your tree of life in alignment with the universal tree of life.

As resistance dissolves, secrets and mysteries are revealed.

And when you let go even further, you are shown how to let the infinite support the finite.

The entire experience reshapes your awareness and life choices, unifying heaven and earth within you.


Take Your Place in The Sacred Circle

This class is experiential, not academic. Retreat participants are transformed by transmission and attunement.  A sacred circle is activated and grounded in the love of Mother Earth and Father Sun, where your higher being, light, and love convene to generate the field beyond judgment and polarity. It is your right to receive the energies and allow them to release old loops of trauma, awaken inner knowing, and be blessed by the mystery until you become the living embodiment of powerful, life-changing Love.

Start the Transformation Now

Once you register, your retreat begins. Register early to adjust to new frequencies flowing through your meridians, chakras, and physical consciousness. You are about to be dissolved and reconfigured like an artist making sketch after sketch until the inner vision matches the outer expression.

Registration Info: March 23-24, 2024,  3/23:  (10 AM – 5 PM) &  (3/24 10 AM – 4 PM) Eastern  Please register by March 15, 2024