2020 Becoming Telepathic: Beyond Verbal Communication

Becoming Telepathic

The Smiling Universe #3

Becoming Telepathic: Beyond Verbal Communication

We are communicating frequency to frequency all the time. I guesstimate that verbal communication is about 5% of our total communication. Verbal communication is like the visible light spectrum. We can’t see the infrared or ultraviolet spectrums but they become visible in a sunburn. We, our bodies, are sensitive instruments. We are “tuned in” and communicating frequency to frequency 24/7 and we are experiencing the effects of what our physical senses can’t detect.

The miracles of healing, mental telepathy, empathic and intuitive knowing, dream communication, out-of-body travel, remote viewing, telekinesis,  all of the sixth-sense abilities, and near-death experiences, prove we are intimately connected and communicating beyond time and space. If the military is willing to depend upon remote viewing to protect our county, why shouldn’t we use the same skill to remote view, diagnose, and heal our organs and bones or washing machines and refrigerators? Our capacity to engage our heightened senses has been demonstrated beyond doubt by thousands of scientists and mystics yet we still refuse to believe in the power of human consciousness.

Amazingly, Love Opens the Door

There are two trajectories we can take when exploring telepathic ability. One develops the skill as one would develop any skill, by mentoring, practice, and feedback. Or there is the path of the mystic where telepathic abilities develop as a result of cultivating the universal heart. The first one remains embedded in the materialistic world where projection, manipulation, and control can contaminate the experience and the second one is rooted in higher consciousness. It is a result of spiritual cultivation and heart awareness. Following this path leads to clear perception and clear motives.

If we spend as much time and expense exploring the magic of human consciousness as we do exploring the stars and the bottom of the oceans, we will find treasures beyond belief. Then, maybe, our world will shift and move in a positive direction. We will discover what I’ve discovered. It all comes down to LOVE. Love is the propelling force in the universe creating, sustaining, and maintaining the amazing human consciousness. When we discover the power of love, which erases all time and distance, and ride its invisible waves beyond time and space, the door will open for us to recognize the intimate connection we have to all beings. Then we become telepathically connected within the unified consciousness that honors each of us as an expression of the divine.

Join me in this exploration of our telepathic and frequency-based communication. We will examine the precursors, how to develop telepathic ability through spiritual realization, and how the invisible world is affecting us in ways we have no way of knowing unless we tune in with our subtle senses. We will take a look at the invisible viral energies of disease, depression, anxiety, and limitation, the beauty of nature and how to heal and revitalize with earthly and heavenly Chi, and how our collective consciousness can support and elevate our world.

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6 Sessions: Mondays, May 11, 18, June 1, 8, 15, 22, 2020    8 – 9:15 PM (Eastern Time)

Registration deadline: May 8, 2020

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