2023 Conscious Communication: Speaking the Universal Language

This class is your introduction to conscious communication and learning to speak the universal language of frequency and vibration.

Mother Earth is very clear…. she loves us; we live within her heart while we are here and within the heart of the Universal Feminine when beyond. She is not punishing us with climate change or shaming us. She is inviting us to open communication with her and the vast cosmos. She is inviting us to the higher frequency that humans can attain. Earth changes reflect the shimmers of planetary kundalini rising. And to understand just a tiny bit of the greater picture, we need to learn the universal language and be open to dialog with unseen beings, such as Mother Earth and Father Sky and all those who light the way.

We are coming to a new understanding of ourselves as more vibrational than physical. Once our identity encompasses our vibration and frequency, we live from the state of love. You can no longer ignore true spirit and the unity of consciousness. The phrase, “vibes speak louder than words,” certainly applies here. Vibration and frequency are the keys to greater understanding. Words limit us, forming a filter that shapes what we hear and how we respond. When we shift into the language of frequency and vibration, we understand with our hearts and soul. Understanding comes first through vibrational resonance. We feel it, know it, and “get it.”

You may say conscious communication falls in the realms of telepathy and empathy, and it would be true. But this is just the initial stage of conscious communication. Trees, light beings, whales, birds, and stars use a more subtle form of communication as they are conscious of the web of life that connects us all. Words and feelings do not apply to this type of communication. Connecting to the cosmic web takes a clear receiver without judgments, fears, and anxieties. Once your “receiver” is clear, you’ll naturally consciously communicate and be incredibly surprised when you do! You’ll also recognize that you are engaged in conscious communication every moment of your life!

What is the most amazing discovery to occur in this class? You are already consciously communicating 24/7 but may not realize it!

Conscious Communication: Speaking the Universal Language takes place in the sacred circle where all participants are first guided to create a sacred circle. By attuning to the living consciousness of the elements, directions, Mother Earth, Father Sky, and the Higher Beings that brought everyone together, a beautifully high, light, and healing energy surrounds and lifts the group into the subtle spiritual realms where we learn conscious communication through attunement and transmission. I will guide you to experience each stage of transcendence and provide the necessary feedback for gaining confidence in your conscious communication skills.

You will learn how to

—Connect to Mother Earth and Father Sky.
—Accept the path of humility and gratitude.
—Access multiple dimensions as needed throughout the day.
—Claim your inner authority, power, and confidence.
—Cleanse the lens of perception.
—Relax and release into inner awe and silence where conscious communication with self and the cosmos originates.
—Connect to the communication centers of the chakras and brain
—Be aware of communication from the cellular to the spiritual.
—Activate your toroidal field consciousness.
—Experience your Merkabah consciousness.
—Discover that you engage in conscious communication 24/7 already.

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Conscious Vibrational Communication: Speaking the Universal Language
6 Sessions, Mondays, September 11, 18, 25, October 2, 9, 16, 2023,   8-9:15 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Recordings and transcripts are provided for downloading and for further contemplation and reference.


Registration deadline: September 6, 2023

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