2023 Cosmic Conversations: Live-Streaming Higher Consciousness is the New Channeling

Do you want your higher consciousness to be open, fluid, available, grounded, and integrated?  Live-Streaming Higher Consciousness is the New Channeling teaches skillful means to activate this new earth ability!

Live-streaming implies downloading information from invisible sources, and in the new earth paradigm, everyone will be able to live-stream their higher being.

Live-streaming makes perfect sense. There are many beliefs around channeling, but what is it really?  It carries the aura of the supernatural, where unseen entities know more about you than you do. And only special people can channel, right? They are the ones who can contact those on the “other side.” It’s time to retire the word channeling and introduce “live-streaming.”  Live-streaming takes channeling into the new age.

Live-streaming makes sense in the current tech culture.  I’m sure you’ve noticed that technology and expanded sensory abilities run parallel to each other. When the telephone and the telegraph were invented, the world went crazy for seances and psychic phenomena. When the radio and TV were invented, interest in sixth sense perception increased. Space travel and astral travel emerged together. The internet, with its focus on access to all information everywhere and instant connection to everyone, paralleled awakened interest in telepathy, spirituality, and Oneness. You can live stream source just like your tech can.

You are Engaged in Many Conversations on Many Dimensions

Live-streaming is a conscious conversation with source. It is an exchange of information that produces insight and revelation from your higher being and the spheres of pure love, harmony, and beauty. While so many conversations happen every day, many more conversations beyond everyday awareness are happening too. These silent ones have a greater impact on your peace and understanding than the noisy ones because they carry wisdom and meaning. We are entering a time when the channel between your personality and source flows easily. It is also a time when you become aware of the multiple dimensions of your being. While you are grocery shopping, you may also be conversing with the guardians of nature or star beings who provide celestial light for your consciousness.  When your focus is limited to the material world, you miss the greater conversations that make you feel whole, loved, and guided. It’s helpful to allow these conversations to surface while they live- stream through you in the present time, bringing your consciousness up to date with the subtle worlds you are a part of.

You live-stream programs on your computer and tv, why not live-stream higher consciousness?

Continuous Multi-dimensional Energy and Information Exchange

Energy is information. Learning to interpret the energy/information exchanges that are happening continuously helps shed the illusions and confusion of living in 3D.  Your body responds to your immediate environment, your inner dialog, and cosmic rays, simultaneously.  You participate in the information exchange between the earth and the heavens whether you know it or not. Once you glimpse the whole picture and experience the deeper clarity that comes with the understanding that you are live-streaming information every second, Earth life is much more interesting and has a new purpose.

Cosmic Conversations: Live Streaming Higher Consciousness is the New Channeling is the class that brings your multi-dimensional consciousness to life. We start with the premise that everyone can live-stream higher consciousness. How could you not? It’s YOUR higher consciousness! Your higher consciousness exists to be known and integrated into your life. It is the source of your personal and planetary love, wisdom, and guidance. Whoever convinced you that your higher consciousness is beyond your reach was imposing a limited and controlling reality on you. It is time to learn to live-stream your higher consciousness skillfully! Guided meditations will take you into the real experience of live-streaming your higher consciousness.  Transmissions received from your higher consciousness at the time of the experience heal and align you to this new way of living and learning. Through the transmissions and power of the sacred circle, you will learn to live-stream your innate high-frequency, light-filled natural, unconditioned intelligence.

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Cosmic Conversations: Live-Streaming Higher Consciousness is the New Channeling
Mondays, April 24, May 1, 8, 15, 22, June 5, 2023, 8-9:15 PM Eastern Daylight Time

$288 covers the classes, supplementary materials, class recordings, and access to high-frequency conversations on the class page.

Registration Deadline: April 19, 2023

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