2020 Empaths: Sacred Ceremony for Releasing Shame

No More Living in the Shadows, No More Shame!

Join me for a high-frequency healing experience. As a community, in sacred circle, we’ll release the shame of being an empath!

Our world is getting more interesting every day.  So much diversity, so many different ways of thinking and being are revealed moment by moment. If someone else can show up with their thoughts and feelings, you can too.

At the beginning of 2020, I told my friends, each day of 2020 will be like a brand new day. When you wake up in the morning everything will be different from the day before, and guess what? It’s true!  This makes 2020 the year empaths can show up without shame as the spiritual, telepathic, loving, beings they are.

Can you imagine living without shame? Just showing up as yourself, in your power, knowing the truth, without excuses and fear?

Sacred Ceremony for Releasing Shame

Empaths have a specific nervous system and consciousness that tunes them to the unseen world and the truth behind the lies that abound in our culture. We can feel the disconnect from Mother Earth and Father Sun, the lack of alignment with the deeper wisdom and compassion humans are capable of expressing, and the reality of the Oneness that connects us all.

Because of your sensitivity to the higher light and love, you are capable of experiencing and receiving a healing transmission for your higher being and the collective higher consciousness of the sacred circle.  The four sessions of this class will prepare us for this healing transmission. We will attune to the non-physical shining ones, those who hold the light of consciousness for all humanity, and come into communion with them to receive their blessing.

It is possible to live without the heavy film of shame and the feeling that you need to hide in the shadows. Emergence is a key frequency now. Let’s rise out of the heavy burden of being and empath, and begin to live as sovereign, grounded, light beings.  AHO.

Date and Time for Zoom Class

Wednesdays, July 29, August 5, 19, 26,  2020 (Note: no class on Aug. 12, 2020)

8 – 9:15 PM

Registration deadline: July 18, 2020

Participants will have access to a class page with supplemental materials and the class recordings.

Please wear headsets or earbuds for the meeting to eliminate outside noise.

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