2022 The Loving Body Workshop 3 Class Page

Welcome to The Loving Body Workshop 3

This is your class page, where you will find the information for the workshop.

  1. The password for the page is LoveYou    It is case-sensitive and will not work if you copy and paste it. You will need to enter it manually.
  2. The recordings will be posted on this page. Please download them as soon as you get them, as this page is up for a limited time.
  3. There is a “comments” section at the bottom of the page; feel free to post questions and comments for a week after the class. I, as well as all class participants, can post and respond.
  4. We will meet at 10 AM Eastern Time. When you connect to Zoom, you will be muted, and the call will go live when I enter.
  5. Please be grounded and ready to enter sacred space when you enter the call. The entire workshop is conducted in a powerful “sacred space”, beyond the voice of separation.
  6. The body’s physical consciousness exists in a state of love. You will not find your loving body in your mind, so we will be on a treasure hunt of sorts to discover it.

The Loving Body Journal

2022 The Loving Body Workshop Journal December

There are prompts to contemplate in the journal before Saturday.

Note on Transcripts: There are auto-generated and are not corrected, so many of the words are not transcribed correctly. Please let me know if having the transcripts is helpful or just so-so, the feedback is very helpful.

Morning Session

Download the audio file here.

01 2022 12 The Loving Body Workshop Morning Transcript

Afternoon Session

Download the audio file here.

02 2022 12 Loving Body Workshop Afternoon Transcript

Note: The first version of “02” is replaced with this latest version which is the correct one.

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