Adele Eisner

Sarah Weiss is a highly unique teacher and human being who shines with integrity – the integrity of truth; the knowing that she does not hold anyone else’s answers; and the knowing that she does she does not need to “lure” clients with so me picture of her own greatness. Rather, with deep insight, broad knowledge, and knowing that we each are here for larger purpose than we normally might imagine, she helps other’s become aware of their own greatness/their own answers. She deals realistically with physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of issues; always reflects deep caring and respect for each student/client; and is always mindful to simply share in ways that others might best “unfold”/that best befits the the person, the issue, the moment. Anyone – literally anyone, man woman or child – having the opportunity to engage in a class session or to meet individually with Sarah Weiss would be offering themselves the huge gift of human healing.