Deborah Bookin

I first met Sarah as a client in 1998, after receiving the devastating news that I had sustained a vision loss for which traditional medical care could offer no likely successful treatment at the time. Sarah’s integrity, honesty and loving kindness inspired me to explore an unknown I feared and to recognize my true wholeness. Her compassion, humor and generosity of spirit helped me to stay the course through uncertainty and find unexpected joy. With the encouragement of my opthamologist and the support of other traditional and complementary healing practitioners including Sarah, I was able to regain all but a tiny area of my visual field. Today, I see more clearly now in the truest sense.

In recent years, I have worked with Sarah in other important areas of growth and healing by phone. In phone sessions, I appreciate a heightening of my focus and awareness because there are fewer distractions. I notice that it is easier to direct my attention inward. At the end of a phone session, I appreciate that this way of working enables me to have quiet transition time in which to rest, continue to integrate the energies of the session or contemplate what has emerged for me. There is no need to drive home or return immediately to the flow of my day.

For anyone called to explore the deeper potential and gifts of their own intuitive abilities, I can offer no higher recommendation than to suggest working or studying with Sarah Weiss.