Mark Tapajna

Reflection on my Bear Mountain Retreat
I entered the retreat with an open mind and left the retreat with an open heart. Each day I was at the retreat site I had enlightening experiences, some subtle and some more intense, that drew me closer to what I would consider my True Self. My deepest experience occurred on the second day at the City of Rocks, during which I felt embraced by Mother Earth with a sense of unconditional love and healing. I connected at a level in which I was the eyes, ears and senses of the Earth where I rested. I experienced a deep opening of my heart chakra and an embodiment of Mother Earth.
Before, after and throughout the retreat I came to a number of Self/self realizations. I felt I had the energetic platform to encounter and embrace many experiences, including those that were initially discomforting, that were doors to a greater self-­‐awareness.
I left the retreat, and abide now, in a greater sense of calm awareness which I will continue to explore and nourish.