2023 Winter Solstice: Finding Cosmic Peace and Balance

You are cordially invited to participate in the 2023 SpiritHeal Online Winter Solstice Ceremony.

The ceremony is designed to help you find peace and balance, even in times of personal or collective pain and suffering. By detaching from the belief that anxiety, uncertainty, and anger are the only ways to react to pain and suffering, we can discover other options that promote healing through a deeper connection to Source and Spirit.

Wisdom from the Elders

What if you were taught from childhood that suffering can be relieved through alignment with the greater cosmic forces? What if a wise elder transmitted the power to attract more resources, healing, and creative solutions from a peaceful state? Mother Earth and Father Sky will guide us to experience a higher frequency response to life during our cosmic ceremony. In the past, this was called “detachment,” with the expectation that you had to struggle to rise above pain. In the emergent state of the new paradigm, we learn to release and allow the all-pervading light of consciousness to prevail with ease. Peace already exists; allowing it to surface is more graceful than striving.

The Lovers Meet in Delight

Meeting in the Sacred Circle is a holy experience. The Solstice alignment opens the portal to the stream of universal consciousness. We gather with celestial beings, your higher being, and all vital nature spirits to shower humanity in a clarifying, healing, and restorative flow from the Central Sun. The delight of Mother Earth and Father Sky meeting in love and unity overflows into humanity as a reminder that Love is the source of creation. As each participant’s etheric body takes its place in the Sacred Circle, powerful galactic frequencies gather us into the Heart of the Cosmos, charging us with higher consciousness, love, wisdom, power, peace, and balance.

Be Ready for Transformation

To optimize the potency of the Solstice ceremony, begin tuning into the daily shift towards the upcoming peak moment. During your daily contemplative practice, give your mind and body more time to relax and turn inward, focusing on releasing distractions and chaos and concentrating on the light within. Ground your energy with Mother Earth, allow her to hold space for you, and return you to wholeness. As the Solstice gathers intensity, you will then be in harmony with the cosmic transformative forces, ready to be transported to realms of luminous understanding and peace.


Thursday, December 21, 2023

8 – 10 PM

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