2022 The Power of the Sacred Circle Retreat: Communion and Reunion

The Power of the Sacred Circle: Communion and Reunion

Ceremony is an extremely potent transformational technology. During this retreat, you will not only be guided towards an experience of divine communion and reunion but will also learn the components that make up a sacred circle and how to lead one. The more sacred circles on the planet, the better!

Communion and reunion don’t just conveniently rhyme, they have the same root: Union.

Communion and Reunion are the pathways to Union through frequency and vibration. Communion is a merging that happens on a vibrational level. When you commune with nature you are in tune with its aliveness, and likewise, when you commune with the divine you become enlivened with divinity.

Reunion is another vibrational sense. When you reunite with your soul, your light, your fullness of heart, you are reunited with your eternal self, a self you haven’t forgotten but was hidden by the conflict and confusion of the world.

Communion and Reunion are the foundation for living in the 5D world of frequency and vibration!

The Sacred Circle

According to indigenous and mystical traditions, the power of the world always works in circles and everything tries to be round. The sacred circle is the universal signature of the creator spirit that imbues us with life. When we gather together, grounded and centered, we have the opportunity to awaken and gain access to the greater sphere of life-giving consciousness that surrounds us. To the point, the sacred circle is a portal to access direct wisdom, healing, and truth. 

The Sacred Circle Ceremony leads to revelation. It allows beings on multiple dimensions to gather and participate in high-frequency collaboration and cooperation for mutual benefit. When the Sacred Circle activates and harmonizes, the totality of all light and wisdom, known as the spirit of guidance, downloads an uplifting transmission for each participant to receive and absorb.

During this retreat, you’ll learn to recognize, listen to, experience, and receive energetic transmissions that align you with the new earth frequencies. Each moment in The Sacred Circle changes how you think and feel about yourself. Knowing yourself as a member of a multi-dimensional community aligned in cosmic harmony opens the door for a new life on the new earth.  The roots of your foundation will be planted in new earth soil and from these roots, the new you will emerge.

The New Earth

Do you feel like you are balancing on a ball that keeps moving beneath your feet? Our concept of the cosmos, planets, self-awareness, energetic dimensions, and all things consciousness are changing so swiftly we can barely hang on to our sanity.  It’s true that the new earth is here and we are playing catch up! We are learning to speak a new language that is based on higher frequencies. Aligning with the new earth is not about changing your looks, location, relationship, or profession; it’s about connecting to the new frequencies already vibrating within and establishing a new foundation of being. You are experiencing the new earth rumbling deep within; maybe that’s why everything feels so strange these days! The Awakening Together Retreat supports your emergence as a new earth being.

It’s not about clearing the old; focusing on your historical identity binds you to the past.  Being present allows the new you to surface and simultaneously release the old–no more peeling the onion. The Sacred Circle exists throughout time and all dimensions.  We become New earth beings by showing up grounded in Mother Earth and Father Sky for The Sacred Circle. Then we lean into ease, allowing, receiving, and flowing. Your new earth identity is a state of cosmic flow;  rigidity and stagnancy created a constricted identity that had no room for soul consciousness.  The Feminine path is open to us now and your life will change dramatically when you balance the masculine and feminine together into a flowing sphere of being instead of relying on competing parts to give you a whole picture.

Power of Sacred Circle, Singing to the Soul PDF

Awakening Together

Awakening together is more powerful than trying to do it alone. Realistically, awakening is never a solo effort because we receive so much help from our relations in the domains of light and wisdom.  Wouldn’t you love to consciously collaborate with your fellow humans and those multi-dimensional beings who are invisible to you? These beings are waiting to join us; to reveal themselves within the sacred circle.


The good news is that the earth you want is now the earth that is here.

“Ease” is a keyword in the new paradigm. We are releasing the addiction to working really hard at everything.

For the first time in our lives, we cannot count on our past to predict the future because the new earth is emerging, and we’ve never been here before! Counting on our sensitivity, presence, intuition, and frequency guides us when life is incomprehensible to the mind.

The New Earth has arrived, and we can feel the excitement in our bones. It’s surfacing slowly, but we are shifting and ascending quickly so we can sense its presence and our place in it.

During this retreat, we sink into deep silence, able to better understand the language of frequency, resonance, and vibration. Our current language falls short of expressing the new consciousness, so we are positioned to learn the new language that puts energy first. We are learning a new way to see and engage with ourselves and the world.  The world of subtle energies will become commonly acknowledged and sensed by all.

Why a Retreat is Necessary

We need retreats to cleanse all that covers the beauty of our soul. Our physical and subtle senses are dulled by the build-up of toxic thoughts and feelings. Personal, societal, and planetary confusion and illusion darken our minds, bodies, and emotions to the point where nothing is bright and clear. When our senses are dulled, our ability to sense, intuit and know the subtle world of spirit is dulled too. You can’t believe life is beautiful because the film covering your senses tells you it is dark and dingy. Retreats let light in so the soul can shine.

We Are Instruments in Need of Divine Tuning

Ideally, we need tuning up at every Solstice and Equinox and a yearly retreat to keep us aligned, flowing, and clear. It is especially important now as the frequencies are shifting daily!

Schedule and Outline

Learning through experience is my approach to spiritual teaching. This retreat is not academic, it is designed to provide first-hand experience of the energetic states required to activate, participate, and benefit from a Sacred Circle.

February 4 — 7:00 – 9: 30 PM
•Introduction to The Power of the Sacred Circle
•The power of Awakening Together
•Communion and reunion through heart-centered vibration and frequency.
•Beyond duality: Accessing the Intelligence of Love
•Introduction to Grounding, Clearing, and Activating the Sacred Circle.
•Achieving communion and reunion by raising your frequency through the Sacred Circle modality.
•Direct connection to self and spirit.
•Q & A

February 5, —10 AM –  5:30 PM (morning and afternoon 20-minute breaks and 90-minute lunch break)
•Personal Preparation to attend and convene a sacred ceremony.
•Preparing participants for the ceremony.
•Importance of grounding for protection and clearing personal projection.
•Understanding the role of reciprocity and flow.
•Tuning into guidance.
•Initiated by spirit, no certificate needed.
•When to convene a sacred circle.
•Personal clearing, attunement to the light/guides/higher being.
•How to know if you are ready.
•Opening the Sacred Circle ceremony.
•Harmonizing and generating the Light Axis of the Circle
•Sensing and trusting your sense of the circle and how to adjust when the unexpected inevitably occurs.
•Activating the Sacred Circle in resonance with Mother Earth, Father Sun, and the universal flow.
•Q & A

February 6, 10 AM – 5 PM  (morning and afternoon 20-minute breaks and 90-minute lunch break)
•Healing, Expansion, and Transformation through the Sacred Circle Ceremony.
•The Experience of Union and Communion through group ceremony.
•How the structure of the ceremony ensures each participant personal protection, freedom from manipulation and external invasion, and alignment with their personal ascension process.
•The greater purpose of a Sacred Circle Ceremony.
•How to align the group and activate the sacred circle.
•How to close the ceremony
•Q & A

Note: —All of these topics will be covered but the order may change. —I can’t certify you to lead a sacred circle, only spirit can initiate you into its mysteries.

Date  February 4 – 6, 2022

Fee     $450

This program is conducted virtually through Zoom. You will receive complete information upon registration.

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Registration deadline is January 29, 2022