2022 The Loving Body Workshop


Connecting to your high-frequency loving, living physical consciousness! 

Your body loves you, do you love it?  Arising out of the shadows of the old paradigm, a new understanding of body consciousness is unfolding.

Begin the conversation with the following questions:

  • Are you in a loving relationship with your body?
  • Are you delighted to be in your body?
  • What’s between the front of your body and the back, just a sack of sand to drag around?
  • Is your light hiding behind the shadow of shame and self-hate?

As the planetary consciousness awakens, we are given opportunities to see what we couldn’t see before. Our bodies are now revealing their living, loving consciousness, a much higher frequency of physical consciousness!  We can now shift our perspective of the body as the source of original sin and a beast of burden to experiencing it as a temple of light! The doorway is open to a new vision of embodiment!

The Loving Body Workshop: Release the Last Vestiges of Body Self-Loathing and Shame

This workshop is conducted online through zoom.

August 20, 2022

10 AM – 4 PM Eastern Standard Time


Register by August 14, 2022