2021: High-Frequency Wholeness: Grounded, Aligned, Centered, Loving, Glowing, and Flowing



Part Four: High-Frequency Wholeness: Grounded, Aligned, Centered, Loving, Glowing and Flowing

Let’s uproot the limitations of the old paradigm! New truths are emerging and together we can plant ourselves into the fresh, powerful energies surging at the Summer Solstice. Cosmic power will carry us towards the new you, the 5D version! Polarities resolve into wholeness so you don’t have to feel split or hide from the true you. We connect with the flow of the new paradigm to discover an entirely new sense of self and community.  We are being planted and sourced in a higher-frequency dimension. Changes to our identity, health, creativity, and even to the sciences and math will be so dramatic we will live in wonder for a while until we adjust.  Wholeness extends to our communities, our families, colleagues, and friends; collaboration instead of competition rises to serve the whole. Together we will align with these new frequencies and support each other through the transition. The spirit of guidance, the Illuminated Ones, will be present with us in The Sacred Circle and each participant will receive specific guidance according to their life plan.

6 Sessions: Mondays, June 21, 28, July 12, 19, 26, August 2, 2021, 8 -9:15 PM (Eastern Daylight Time)
Registration: $275    Deadline:  June 15, 2021  Scroll to the bottom of the page to register.